Donna Bauer

Donna Bauer


My lyrics are short, sweet and to the point. I copywrite all my own lyrics and register all songs with BMI. I have written a total of 42 songs, in addition to the other lyrics. Since I do not do the music, lyrics only, it is a blank canvas for a musician/band.


I was approached by the guitar player(with decades of experience) from the band my husband is in(also with decades of experience) to see if I would be able to write some lyrics for them several months ago. I never did that before, and as of today, I have 42 original songs. My first short story "Dudes Where's My Amp?" written under D.J. Bauer will be sold on Amazon very shortly.


Stainless Steel Heart

Written By: Donna Bauer

You’ve gotta-you’ve gotta-you’ve got a stainless steel heart
People told me so
I didn’t belive it-didn’t listen to them
But you’ve proved me wrong over and over again

I thought you had a heart of gold (twice)
But no(twice)
It’s a stainless steel heart (2 times)

Now that I know that’s what you’ve got
I ain’t comin’ back for any more of that
You keep movin’ your way and I’ll move mine
For a stainless steel heart
Never breaks over time

Best of Friends

Written By: Donna Bauer

A long time ago, when we first met
We knew we would be best friends
Oh, the fun times we had
The adventures we can’t forget

Look to me, look to me
For I will always be your best friend
Run with me, run with me
Best friends to the end

Laughing-crying-the tears that we shed
Over the things that we did
And the things that were said

Time has passed by-we hardly see each other anymore
But to us as best friends we don’t need to
We know each other to the very core

Turkey Ted or (T.T.)

Written By: Donna Bauer

Once upon a time in a town called Moose Head
There lived a big ol’ turkey-
His name was Turkey Ted
Now T.T. was fun and loved to roam free
But one day hunters had a plan for our T.T.

Since he was a big boy plump and oh, I’ll just say it
These hunters wanted him on their table
Ain’t no arguing’ about that!

But T.T. was smart and his waddle was fast
It was now time to see which of them would last.
The hunters chased T.T. around the yard
Circled it more than twice
They could just picture T.T. on their table
Oh, my,my –How nice!!

T.T. waddled and ran in circles with glee
Thinking “those awful hunters will never catch me”.
T.T. had the leaves covering the hole
Nice and loose
ust then the hunters thought-“hmmm-maybe we should try for a goose”.

But it was too late, their steps were too big
The hunters fell into the hole, and were pulled up by a net
Trying to get out, they looked like they were doing a jig.

Ol’ T.T. got his friends and they circled the net with glee
They lowered the hunters to their level you see.
He waddled over to the net and said “So long boys-
Maybe we will use YOU as decoys!!”

The hunters yelled “no-no-that’s ok for being so creative
You’ve earned your freedom-even on Thanksgiving Day.”

And that is how the legend of T.T. the turkey goes it’s said
If you ever see him waddlin’ around
just say”Hope all is well in Moose Head”.

Laughter and A Grin

Written By: Donna Bauer

When I first saw you
I knew it was true
That I wanted to get to know you
This feeling was so different and new

I can’t believe this state I’m in (twice)
When all I seem to get from you
is laughter and a grin.

We talked for a while
Then we had to part
You said you had to go
Were you toying with my heart?

Days, weeks, months went past
Since you went away
I could not believe I saw you again
Just the other day
Will you be going away again
Or are you here to stay?

I guess I’ll just have to be content
With your laughter and your grin.

Win Me Over

Written By: Donna Bauer

Are you gonna do what it takes
And what do you think it will be
To win me over-to be yours
It’s gonna be fun to see

I know you can do it
You’re all heart I know
I can feel it about you
And I know I’m right so….

Win me over win me over
Will you do it soon
Win me over win me over
Cause I need ya so

Your hesitation scares me
Along with the games that you play
You know I want ya baby
And you know I wanna stay

I won’t wait forever
Don’t want to grow old alone
But if you can’t win me over
Then you’re better off alone

Fascinating Game

Written By: Donna Bauer

If you see me, what you see is true
what you see is real
I’m not lookin’ for an almighty deal

Do you like what you see in the mirror these days? (repeat twice)
Do you ever question your arrogant ways?
Always thinking someone else will pay

If you see me, you should remember this
It don’t pay to believe the lies
Cause that is hit or miss

Don’t feed into the fire
Don’t feed into the flame
Otherwise you’re gonna lose for sure
This fascinating game

Full Hand

Written By: Donna Bauer

(sound of a shuffle of cards)
I’m sittin’ at a table
In a low lit bar
Where everyone is lookin’ to be a star

The cards are dealt one at a time
The game is on
Who will win on a dime?

Do you have a full hand
Are you waiting patiently
The reward could be great
But it ain’t easy-don’t hesitate

Strategy pays in a game like this
But the game of life is hit or miss
Are you willing to try
To play and win
Will you bet all your chips
Or will you cash in?

Games are about takin’ a chance
Maybe gaining a buck or two
But in this game of life
It sure is more fun with you

I'll Shed A Tear

Written By: Donna Bauer

The lights are turned way down low
The rain is falling so fast and I’m thinking of you
Of those memories past

It seemed like such a great fantasy
To think we could be good friends
Instead we both chose
A road that is a dead end

I’ll shed a tear when I think of you
I’ll think of the laughter, the sorrow and pain
I’ll shed a tear and wonder if we will ever see each other again

The years have gone by so fast
And it seems for some reason
That I can’t explain
I find myself thinking about the past

I hope you are fine
Yes-I am doing well
Such memories we have
And secrets that we will never tell

Check Your Ego at the Door

Written By: Donna Bauer

Well, we've been playing music for so long
now we're gonna do a song
that no one else has done before
it's called "Check Your Ego at the Door"

We learn the tunes, the chords and more
We want the crowd to come back
We want to hear the roar
But there is one tiny bit of advice
to keep em comin back
and this may not be so nice-

Check your ego at the door (twice)

If you want to play the music
and you truly have the feel
then don't be bitchin and moanin
cause this gig will pay for a meal

I know it's tough with the spouse and kids at home
but they understand
that it took longer than one day
to build the ciy of Rome, so-

Check your ego at the door (twice)

And now that you've heard this song,
some bands will check out for sure
while others will carry on
For those who stick around for more
they do because they've checked their egos at the door.

Set List

Some of the song titles are:

A Spirit in the Wind
Lovin' the Highway
Devil May Call
Laughter and a Grin
Catch Me If You Can
Best of Friends
Stainless Steel Heart
Win Me Over
Shoulda Woulda Coulda (But I Didn't)
Dark Moment
And a new holiday one-(Thanksgiving)-Turkey Ted (or T.T)
The newest is Check Your Ego at the Door