Donna Dean Band

Donna Dean Band


Award Winning singer-songwriter Donna Dean's songs are cleverly punctuated by melodic hooks and insightful lyrics which convince you there's hope even on the darkest day. They find their way into your deepest recesses and won't shift. Just hit play now on "Some Sweet Day" and you'll get the point.


Donna Dean, award winning singer-songwriter, recording artist is on a mission driven by an unstoppable passion for sharing her music.
In June 2009, America's Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Vincent, released her new album at Ernest Tubbs in Nashville. The title track "Destination Life" was written by Donna Dean.
Feb 2009 Dean supported Blues troubadour Eric Bibb in Auckland at the start of his first New Zealand tour.
Dean is an award winning recording artist. Her album “Money", recorded in Nashville and featuring Americana band The Amazing Rhythm Aces, was a double winner in the prestigious New Zealand Tui Awards 2003 (NZ's version of the Grammy's) for Best Country Song & Best Country Album.
In 2000 Dean was a feature artist at Germanys' biggest Trucker festival in Geiselwind alongside top German artists and Headliner, Willie Nelson.
Donna joined American songwriting legends Jimmy Webb, Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham on their N.Z tour as the support artist in 1998. A year later, prompted by a conversation she had with Grammy Award winning songwriter Russell Smith, (frontman of the Amazing Rhythm Aces) Dean moved to London where she lived for six years, regularly playing at central London's hottest Roots music venues including The Borderlne, 12 Bar Club and the Kashmir Club. She toured extensively throughout Europe during those six years and has a sizeable fan base in Germany (where she has been touring annually since 1998).
After working solo for several years Donna has brought together a band which features two of New Zealand's most talented and respected guitarists powered by a solid rhythm section.
Although Dean is the primary songwriter, all five members of the band share in the arrangements of new songs.
The Donna Dean Band has a resident gig at The Thirsty Dog in central downtown Auckland which is well patronised and has come to be known as Auckland's Best Americana Event featuring international Roots Music Guests. The Donna Dean Band are currently recording a new album of originals written by Donna. The Co-Producer is Australia's patriarch of music, singer songwriter, Bill Chambers.
Dean's songwriting is inspired by writers like Grace Potter, Lucinda Williams, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Julie & Buddy Miller.


Some Sweet Day

Written By: Donna Dean


By a big brown hill at the break of day
Cole was wishin his troubles away
Not a soul in sight down on his knees
He cried lord forgive me please

Woh oh oh hey hey hey
Hopin and wishin his troubles away

A red brick house at the edge of town
Violet was wearin a soft silk gown
Lyin at her side in cold cold blood
She lay together with the man she loved

Woh oh oh hey hey hey
She was gonna love him come what may

The yellow sun was big and warm
Nothin for miles but taters and corn
One last time Cole's 44
Delivered his troubles to heavens door

Woh oh oh hey hey hey
He was gonna get there his own sweet way

Woh oh oh hey hey hey
We're all gonna get there some sweet day

Empty Big Blue Sky

Written By: Donna Dean

Water’s so wide I can’t get across
I need a boat or a plane
I’ve been thinking about holding you again
last time I saw you we drove to the lake
You laid a kiss on my brow
Sitting thinking about it
Can almost feel it now

You wrote me the leaves started falling
After we said goodbye
Meanwhile here
Sand and sea air and empty big blue sky

Too much time slippin’ away
Too many miles apart
Watchin’ the sun returning
Back to where you are
I know you’ll call me late in the night
Put a smile on my face
When you’re thinkin’ about me over the ocean waves

Fly Away

Written By: Donna Dean

I counted you as one of the few who gave me hope
To face this crazy world
You gave so much more than enough to satisfy
A little girl
I’d pick up daisies and you’d make them into a chain
You’d wipe the chill from my cheeks coming in from the rain
You’d say…

Life moves in circles
As you spin around
Try to keep both feet on the ground
Cause soon enough you’ll learn to fly
And you’ll fly away

It seems all wrong that you and your song
Had so little time to be sung
You earned your wings taught me precious things
Then you flew from me so very young
I’d fall to pieces and you’d pick them up in your arms
When I’d stop crying you’d point me back to the stars
You’d say…

Walkin' Time

Written By: Donna Dean

Tryin' to satisfy
you and your endless desires
nothing that I do
is ever enough to raise a smile
aint gonna try no more no more
here comes walkin' time

listen you will hear
footsteps cross the floor
sound of goodbye
at closing of the door
silently you'll wait in vain for me
but here comes walkin' time

oh there may be tears and cryin'
but here comes walkin' time

Baby doesn't love me

Written By: Donna Dean

Got up early this morning
dragged comb through my hair
counted coins in my pocket
just enough to get me there

oh losing
oh losing him

Baby doesn't love me like he used to
our love used to be like a song
he doesn't know when I'm with him
oh I'm barely hanging on

I sit down by the window
he doesn't see me at all
laughing with nobody
whispers when he talks

Used to wonder if he'd leave me
for a girl with pretty eyes
he left not for another
but to wrestle with his mind

I get down and Pray

Written By: Donna Dean

I Get Down (Pray)

Life gets so busy I easy forget
To be grateful for all I got
Get disappointed by trivial things
Then I get down on my luck

That’s when I need a reminder
To get my priorities straight
Only thing we can count on in life is
His love so I get down and pray

Pray I get down and pray
Pray I get down and pray

Runnin’ around in my own little world
Get frustrated by those up ahead
I can blame others for holdin’ me back
Get all steamed up and mad

That’s when I need a reminder
To get my priorities straight
Only thing we can count on in life is
His love so I get down and pray


"Destination Life" Recorded at Montage Studio, Auckland, NZ. 1998
"Between You & Me" Recorded at Stebbing Recording Studio, Auckland, NZ. 1999
"A little Faith" recorded at Sake Studio London, U.K. 2000
"Money (featuring The Amazing Rhythm Aces)" Recorded at Firside Studio, Music Row, Nashville, TN. 2000-2002
Tracks from "Money" and demos of soon to be recorded album streaming at
Radio play on Border Radio bFM Auckland, Country Radio, Prague

Set List

All originals set list
45 mins (can modify to suit)
Some Sweet Day
Empty big blue sky
My Time
A little Faith
Too High
Hole in my shoe
A silent Lie
I get down (and pray)
Keep Walkin'
Radio Songs
Baby doesn't love me