Donna Earley

Donna Earley


Donna Earley is a powerful, soulful and sultry blues, swing, and jazz singer and songwriter performing original music whose songs are intense, passionate, relevant and authentic. She performs throughout North Carolina with her band, Donna Earley and the Bluebloods. Catch them live soon!

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Soft Place to Fall

Written By: Donna Earley

A Soft Place to Fall
© 2008 Donna Earley All Rights Reserved

I’ve never had….a life of ease
Some times were hard… no rest for me
But then you came… and through it all
You’ve given me a soft place… to fall

It’s a plastic image,.. that was.. never for me
And when I wanted to just …toss it all
You took me to that soft place… to fall

Struggling with my mind…both day and night
I don’t know.. if I can.. go on… with this fight
Empty and afraid….. and feeling so down
Here you come again, putting my feet back.. on the ground

One day is heaven… the next one’s hell
But without both I’d have no...story to tell
And you’re always there… through it all
Ready with a soft place… to fall

I’ve got to face the pain; I can’t stay numb,
I know that brighter days… are sure to come
You’re always the one…who sees through it all
When I need a soft place…. to fall

[repeat bridge]

Stay with me! Stay with me! Don’t… set me free
Together we both know… how good life can be
Because baby, when you need me… through it all
I’ll always be your soft….. I’ll be your soft place…. to fall

On the Street

Written By: Donna Earley

On the Street
© 2008 Donna Earley, All Rights Reserved

Pretty little angel, …playing in the street
“Jesus Loves the Children,” she used to sing.. so sweet
Daddy’s little angel, her world a perfect place
Always with the sweetest little smile on her face
We’re happy all together…on her street.

Over on the Sunset Strip, marching in the street
Singing songs of freedom, looking.. for a place to meet
“Just like shooting fish, you know”, the Man was heard to say
“Beat ‘em till they’re bloody, then take them all away!”
Happy all together….on their street.

17-33 ….protests in the street
Preacher came from Birmingham, help ‘em try to make ends meet
Preachin’ in the Temple, for the poor across the land
“Sing for me, Oh Precious Lord, please come… and take my hand!”
And the King who climbed the mountain, shot dead... from the street

Sweetest little school girl, skipping.. down the street
Comin’ home from school that day, she didn’t look to see
Two big men behind her, no one else around
Screaming that she killed the King, they pulled her to the ground
Innocence was lost that day…beyond…. the street!

Two young men sent off to war, lived just down the street
Don’t know what they’re fighting for, or who they must defeat
Time to leave, they get the call, there’s nowhere left to run
Dropped into a wasteland, with a helmet and a gun
Where have all the young men gone… from our street?
Happy all together…on our streets?
Come on, let’s get together….on our streets?

In the Dark

Written By: Donna Earley

In the Dark
© 2008 by Donna Earley
All Rights Reserved

Sleep takes a little golden child…tucked in her bed
Familiar tapes begin to play ….inside her head
Dark figures stalking her in all her dreams
Waking from the nightmares, through choking screams
No one there to help a tortured angel.. in the dark.

What happens out of sight… you may think is out of mind!
But what’s hidden in the dark, may still be found… with time!

Dark lovers drifting off to sleep …. legs still entwined
Ecstasy still gripping them… in …suspended time
Consummated guilt in their forbidden lust
Dancing their familiar dance of broken trust
But not all things are… covered… the dark.


What happens out of sight you might think is out of mind
But what’s abandoned in the dark, may yet be found with time!

Solitary woman ambles over to ….her empty bed
Same naked pillow still gathers dust ….beside her head
Her life’s an aching void since he’s been gone
She lies there waiting for her.. time to come
Tonight death comes to take a tortured soul…. in the dark!
In the dark…
In the dark…