Donna Iverson

Donna Iverson


Acoustic tunes exploring lifes twists and turns, enhaced by elements of ambient, effect created crescendos, subtle acoustic guitar, emotive violin and vocals expressed with intensity and beauty.


With a subtle and sensitive approach Donna's songs capture those moments of heartache and joy which she vocally expresses with intensity and beauty.

Influenced by artists such as Iron and Wine, Beth Orton, The Sundays, Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set.

Our goal is to create simple and beautifully arranged music, which invites the listener to refect and feel connection to the story of the songs.

Some tunes are gentle and introspective, while others are cheeky and rambunctous, and truly rock out.

Set List

All original compostions
Currently performing 45min sets.
Songs include:
On My Side
Saving Grace (Breathe it all away)
Floating by Surprise
By the Wayside
Fever Pitch
Father Time
More than Desire
Forever More
Like Nature