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I'm the One Who Lets You Break My Heart

Written By: Donna J. Wade

Verse 1:

You told me all along you’d never love me
You like me well enough, but there it ends
From heartbreaks in your past,
You’re convinced love never lasts
And no one’s gonna make you fall again.

Verse 2:

The moment that we met, I knew I’d love you
Despite it all, you’re still the only one
I’m just following my heart,
Sometimes that’s the hardest part
Of wanting something that will never come.


If you stay, I’m the one who’ll fan the spark
If you go, I’m no stranger to new starts
If I play the lovers’ game,
There’s no one else to blame,
I’m the one who lets you break my heart

Verse 3:

Perhaps in time you’ll find it’s safe to trust me
Or maybe you’ll give up and say goodbye
Whatever it’s to be,
A true love burns on patiently
And longs to be the one that you desire

Repeat Chorus

I may lose you to another
But I won’t lose you to my fear
In letting go, I may discover
A love that stands the test of years

Repeat Chorus to fade