Zenade flame

Zenade flame


Im not in a band im looking to put one togther im a song writer singer with a difrence i think . People w love my song's as thay come from hart ... I have a web site and im nummber one in the unsigned in funk in wa I must have something people like.. have a lison and see for you self


I have jamed with some of the best in perth in my back yard and thay all say wow your song's you sign are grate and say i have a very youneek way of writing my song's thay have never seen so that is why im here if i cant sing them because im getting to old some one younger can i have paid some one to sing one of my song's the one know called Im falling ...so you can see what some one als can do with my song's im open to chang and selling my song's and a co-writer as well ...we will see as i no my song come from my hart and will tuch some one's hart and change there life around i all so have lot's of story's to tell of my youreny to how i got as far as i have .. the first story is called Dream stuck for word's as i have Dyslexia and was told all my life i would not be anyone or acheve anything in my life ,,, look i can not spell good because of the Dyslexia and it have been a verry hard road to get where i am and if i have to waite any longer my dream's of over comeing what ever one has told me all my life that i will never acheve if i dont i will die and have to say thay where right and be verry sad no one no's the pane of haveing Dyslexia and how much harder it is to do anything in life it is so hard i had i brack down last year and im still going on ....all my family say give up i cant give up because if i do it meen's every one was right... i will never and till the day i die i will try and acheve and get some where with my song's ....to read my true story's call me and i will give you my web site and if i can put them on here i will thank you for reading this i hope my spelling was not to hard to understand from Donna Lee Davies



Written By: Donna Kiteny

..... Oh I can’t stand a minute with you not in my life; I can’t stand a minute not seeing your blue eyes and your smiling face is it a dream or do you love me is it a dream if it is don’t whack me because I hate every minute that I’m not in your life I hate ever minute that I’m not your wife I hate you but I love you to is it a dream if it is don’t whack me is it a dream if it is just level me because I hate every minute when I can’t see you I hate every minute when I can’t be with you I hate you But I love you to yes I hate you but I love you to . [[[[ have not finished this song as you can see lol ]]]]


I have an Educationel CD some of the song's are plaing in albany becauses of the difrent song's on there i all so have some of my song's playing on community radio's well i hope thay still play them

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i do not do cover song's just my own at this time