Donna Marshall Music

Donna Marshall Music


I would consider my music as The Sounds of Recovery with Jazzy Christian lyrics and melodies.


The vision I have for my music is to heal one heart at a time. The Sounds of Recovery in the music I bring express victories and battles won. I am living my dreams and my life is fulfilled. Such incredible adventures this journey called life. I celebrate and embrace every thing God has for me. Most valued treasures are my husband, Mom, church and our community. Being rooted and grounded in the love of my church has enabled me to write uplifting and exciting music. My wish for people inside and outside the church is to know what fun it is to experience the Sound of God in their voice. I think my music brings an awareness of creation and Gods love for His children. I never knew that I could sing until I started praising God in the sanctuary. Now I know my purpose has always been to sing psalms of gratitude to my creator and release the healing nature that comes through Sounds of Recovery. My Mother was a jazz singer and Father was a trombone player. I am now connecting and letting the music out. Please, find your true nature and experience God not only as your creator, but as The Father who dearly loves you.


Keep'n On, Keep'n Me In Your Love, Love's Melody, Love's Door, Kingdom, Recovery Anthem

Set List

I give my testimonials between songs on how I was inspired to write the lyrics, I would say that my music and testimony are 1 hour. Depending on the response of the audience.