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The best kept secret in music



"A striking voice; strong and beautiful." ~ Jack Williams~
veteran folk guitarist/singer/ songwriter,
& solo accompanist for the late, legendary
Songwriter, Mickey Newbury

"Expect lots of quiet attentiveness as Donna
fills the room with a gloriously rich voice
bathing listeners with her wizened lyrics
and seasoned vibrato."
Bill Payne
Just Plain Folks

"She approaches the microphone with confidence
and possession. She owns that spot.
The audience knows it's time for Donna."
John Yates, bassist

From one singer-songwriter to another!!!!!!!!!
Donna Pearson has a vocal quality that angels would envy! I'm surprised Nashville hasn't stolen her away from the Roanoke area music scene. I'm sure it won't be long before we're saying, "I knew she'd make it." A real treasure on and off the stage. I'm honored and proud to call her friend and fellow musician.

samuel thomas mann

Her songs touch my heart,
and her voice touches my soul
every time I hear her sing...
and from there...
it only gets better.
Steve Virts
- various industry/audience members


What Donna's audiences are saying....

“ Words can’t describe what her angelic voice, combined with her lyrics, does to me. It’s a SOUL thing!”
~ Gina Jones ~

“Somebody give her a harp,
The angels in heaven couldn’t
Sound any better! I’m dreamin’
with my eyes wide open.”
~ Caleb Mann~

“God has blessed her with a wonderful gift;A beautiful voice and a powerful style.”
~ Kristin Komondorea~

“The smoothest voice I’ve
ever heard and a flawless performance.”
~ Tiffany Mann ~

“The new millenium ‘Patsy’, beautiful voice &
powerful presence.”
~Rob Knczovich”

“Her voice is as pure as
the fresh air.”
~ Karen Wu ~

“As earthy as the worm!”
~ Steve Wills ~

- various audience members


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LINK to full interview: - Roanoke Times Neighbors


Donna's Debut CD, "From the Heart" {released April 9th, 2004} includes audience favorites: "Little Girl Dreams", "Angel of Mercy", "May the Truth Be Known", "Reflections", "Cold Dark Clouds", and "Sugar Babie!"
"From the Heart" is a 14 track compilation that exemplifies Donna's diversity, timeless lyrics and soulful delivery; from her heart to yours!

To sample all of the tracks available on "From the Heart", go to her website at: and at:

"From the Heart" is available for purchase: through CD Baby and on Donna's website, as well as at all performances.

1. Little Girl Dreams
The story of a little girl and her childhood friend; the girl is Donna and the friend, “Blackie” the mule. Truly endearing! Includes special musical guest, Emily Bannard [age 9].

2. Reflections
“I wear the scars of love’s remains…” This beautiful, finger-picked ballad speaks to all of us. Includes Donna on harmony.

3. Cold Dark Clouds
A catchy, bluegrass inspired tune that makes you clap your hands and tap your feet. The ending takes you up, up, & away!

4. If the Truth Be Known
A beautiful, traditional country ballad [reminiscent of ‘Patsy’ and the great country legends]. You’ll be captivated!

5. Angel of Mercy
A haunting, Americana ballad that makes your spine tingle. A must hear!
Includes Donna on harmony.

6. Still Taste the Wine
Another catchy toe tapper; Donna sings harmony throughout, creating a perfect female ensemble.

7. Heart to Heart
In the style of slow, country waltz, this tune will make you want to dance with your partner! Donna’s vocal range is spectacular; she makes it sound so easy.

8. Mother’s Song
Written for and dedicated to her mother, this song brings you to tears as you can’t help but be reconnected to yours. Includes a special intro, pre-recorded live as Donna called her mom, from stage during a performance at the Green Dolphin, Roanoke, VA.

9. Some Dreams
A high energy, contemporary folk tune that stays in your head; you’ll be singing it throughout the day!

10. You’ll Be a Memory
Yet, another traditional country ballad, classic lyrics; delivered with Donna’s rootsy vocals and ease of range.

11. Too Late to Win
A quick, catchy number that lets us all say “HAH” to that “good looking, heart breaking, man…” You’ll love the rhythm.

12. Puppets in the Wind
Another spine tingling ballad, inspired by the “many faces of Emmett Kelly”; contemporary folk/americana, soothingly finger-picked.

13. I’ll Never Love Another
Traditional country at its best; get your partner out and dance to this one, too! Pure love…

14. Sugar Babie
The grande finale’ and an audience favorite! A “bluesy ode” to the sweet taste of love; sugar coated and sensual. Donna’s diversity comes full circle on this one!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Donna Pearson is a small town country girl from Rutherford County, NC, blessed with a lineage of musical talent: Grandaddy played the banjo; Mama, the piano; and just about all her siblings played instruments of some sort. Donna was surrounded by music!

Born with a nightingale’s gift of song, Donna began singing before walking, and at age six became the youngest member of the local church choir.
Ultimately, Donna learned how to play the guitar, adding a unique finger pickin' style, and began arranging music by the age of 15. Over the years, Donna continued to write music, sing for the family and neighborhood venues, and even played for years in the locally reknowned Bluegrass band, "Washburn Switch".

All who heard Donna sing knew that she had a talent that stood out; the penetrating voice of an angel with timeless lyrics that so many could relate to, regardless of age or gender.

Raising her boys and surviving a living became top priority and Donna found most of her time spent working at the local manufacturing plant, while putting her dreams of a singing career on hold. Years passed by, Donna's boys grew up, and at the age of 44 (now residing in Roanoke, Virginia), she has chosen to pursue her lifelong dream! And, are her fans couldn’t be more delighted!

Donna inspires all who have told themselves, "It is too late for me!" Tell that to Donna!

Donna’s debut CD, "From the Heart" was released April 9th, 2004,
and she is planning a CD release tour beginning in June.
For more information, see her website