Donna Pierrot

Donna Pierrot

 Bogotá, Bogota D.C., COL

We are part of the music universe and we want people to submerge in our world that wants to heal and transform everything that is in darkness.


Donna Pierrots music wants to connect with the senses, it is a visual journey, where she can take you to a theatrical magical fantasy with the edginess of rock and roll.

Donna Pierrot is a woman who has been inspired by the truth, by love, by life. Through exploration she felt completely connected and identified with the genre. Then as a consequence the words and the music came together and as a result her album Tears of the Hunted.

The writing started in June of 2010 and a few months later she began rehearsing, however; the whole band was defined at the beginning of 2012 where 7 musicians collided to recreate the world of the lady of the pierrot.


Keep Me Alive

Written By: Donna Pierrot

I see you in my eyes while I cry
I surrender my breathing to feel you closer
I am so lost that I can’t find you
We both dropped sacred tides
We rushed time as the Riot
And I no longer have you
I need to break the spell
Keep me alive
Help me scream!
I need to say goodbye (Bis)
We have been coping with our sins now
You fade away lost in time
And I don’t know how to act now
My heart is shattered glass
I need to save myself

Keep me breathing
Even crying
Keep me feeling
Cause I’m dying

Keep me alive
Help me scream
Cause I’m longer dying
Cause I’m already trying
Keep me alive
Help me scream!
I need to say goodbye
I will say goodbye


Her album debut Tears of the Hunted is a work where alternative rock, jazz, and blues breathe as one. Where analog and digital synths combined with strings shaped the narrative lines of the story. Donna speaks to the soul.  

Donnas  album was recorded in Colombia (Loop Estudios and Audiovision with the coproduction of Charry) and New York (at High End Studios and Kaleidoscope Sound with the production of Jeremy Loucas). An elegant staging, marked by a gothic style that brings within a dreamy atmosphere with endless possibilities. Keep me Alive is the first single of Tears of the Hunted.

The message that she wants to deliver is all about learning how to live in our world with a conscious mind, loving each other and respecting nature. Music is a duty that you must embrace with care and joy. Thus it is the key to heal all that surround us.