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Donna J. Wade began her love affair with "cryin' in your beer" country love songs at an early age, because they spoke to her in ways that The Beatles or the Rolling Stones did not. Her mother, a former Ted Mack Amateur Hour vocalist contestant, encouraged her to sing and write. Her dream is that Trish Yearwood will some day record some of her songs. Though no "spring chicken" herself at age 51, her voice has been described as a cross between Patsy Cline and Anne Murray, which she considers high praise. Whether it be her attempt at "Reggae Country" in "Heart of Stone" or the plaintive resignation in "I'm The One Who Lets You Break My Heart", Donna's songs grab you by your deepest emotions and never let go! Here's what people have to say about her music:

"Very soulfull....helps to step away from the day and know there is alot more to life than just today.

"It takes a very special love in someones life to feel the depth of the songs.......I am lucky to feel that way about someone."

Donna pays the bills as a freelance writer and graphic designer. But she'd love to hear from anyone who appreciates her music (are you listening, Trisha?)


I'm The One (Who Lets You Break My Heart)

Written By: Donna Jo Wade

Verse 1:
You told me all along
you'd never love me
You like me well enough
But there it ends
From heartbreaks in your past
You're convinced love never lasts
And no one's gonna make you fall again

Verse 2:
The moment that we met
I knew I'd love you
Despite it all
you're still the only one
I'm just following my heart
Sometimes that's the hardest part
of wanting something that will never come

If you stay,
I'm the one who'll fan the spark
If you go,
I'm no stranger to new starts
If I play the lovers' game
There's no one else to blame
I'm the one who lets you break my heart

Verse 3:
Perhaps with time you'll find
it's safe to trust me
Or maybe you'll give up
and say goodbye
Whatever it's to be
a true love burns on patiently
And longs to be the
one that you desire

Repeat Chorus

I may lose you to another,
But I won't lose you to my fears
In letting go, I may discover
A love that stands the test of years

Repeat Chorus to fade