Countless reviews have rated Donnett's album as one of the best gospel albums in a long time, whereas all the songs are worthwhile listening to: "They are soothing, electrifying, uplifting and she ministers under the power of the anointing."


Donnett Thompson-Hall (Sis. Marie) a renowned gospel recording artist is a Rare Diamond. She is a dynamic singer who ministers under the power of the anointing, allowing God to take full control.

Donnett has performed locally and internationally. She has been blessed with countless opportunities to lift her voice in song for Heads of state, including a former Prime Minister of Canada. One of her impressive appearances was at the International Models and Talent Association (IMTA) show in New York City, achieving third place honors amidst hundreds of contestants. Her performance was electrifying, a natural charisma that drew her audience to her.

Donnett creates musical magic wherever she performs. She was a featured performer of the Canadian National Anthem on CBC Radio. She also won the T H Haughton award of merit for her performance.

In March 2011, Donnett launched her album “Ultimate Source.” Since then her music is being aired in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Within a few weeks the album attained the number 8 position on the TOP 50 Best Sellers List for VP Records. International radio stations got wind of the album and have been giving it frequent air play. Radio programs have been using songs from the album to open and close their shows

Songs such as Main Purpose, Ultimate Source, Leave me at the altar and Samson from the album has stayed consistently in the Top Ten.
Donnett has taken the time to let God’s richest blessings flow in her life. She has been blessed with a wonderful husband who has written songs that are on the album. Her ultimate passion is to minister to many in song, bringing each one closer to Christ. .

Donnett is truly a “Rare Diamond” who endeavors to propel toward greatness. Her talent is a gift from God that she will forever hold dear.


Main Purpose

Written By: Curtis O. Hall

Main Purpose:

No matter what you do, or think is your purpose
Your main purpose in life, is to love Jesus Christ
You’re to honor Him with your wealth, and the first-fruits of your labor
Then your barns will be filled and over flow

Chorus (1):
Your main purpose in life, is to serve
Jesus Christ
To know Him, is to love Him
Your main purpose in life, is to trust Jesus Christ
He’s the only way
And that is, that is your purpose

He said serve no other Gods, but your Lord Jesus Christ
Because he is a jealous God, and no respecter of persons
He deserves to be praised; he’s the Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end, and forevermore

Chorus (2):
Your main purpose in life, is to serve Jesus Christ
To know Him, is to love Him
Your main purpose in life, is to trust Jesus Christ

He’s the Rose Of Sharon, the Lilly of the Valley
He’s as Bright as Morning Star, the Fairest of Ten Thousand
He is Jeh-ovah-Jeireh, the Conquering Lion of Judah
Give Him all the honor and you’ll never thirst nor hunger
He is the only way and that is your purpose

Written By: Curtis O. Hall
Dated: Dec. 02/2008 ©


From the album: Ultimate Source
Main Purpose
Leave Me At The Altar
Write My Name (Medley)
"Have all been doing well and maintaining positions in the top ten charts at various radio stations in Florida, Bronx, Brooklyn and Jamaica