Don Niño

Don Niño

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

This disciple of Syd Barrett, Satyajit Ray and Adolf Wölfli stroke our minds in 2007 with a cover album and returns with an album of original songs. This new album is psychedelic, entrancing, mystical and pop, and was accomplished with his friend, novelist and musician Luke Sutherland.


Raised between Europe and America and shaped through years of numerous musical experiences, Don Niño is one of those French artists who builds up their own musical idiosyncrasy.

In the new recordings, you can hear some wooden guitars, skillfully carved from ebony and the beech forests, choirs from the overseas, wild violins, drums in plates reverb’, brass in kaleidoscopic waves ; and the voice has the sweetness that implies a strong heart, Don Niño sings some symbols, starry stories, from the life to the death.

As always the team of faithful stands by the solo part in the production of the album: his brother and producer F. Lor, already involved in Yann Tiersen, Shannon Wright or Dirty Three’s albums and also the musicians Mitch Pires (Married Monk, NLF3) and Lori Chun (Berg Sans Nipple, Herman Dune, Antilles).

To be filed close to Smog and Grizzly Bear, Vincent Gallo and Connan Mockasin.


Real Seasons Make Reasons ( 2001 )
On The Bright Scale ( 2004 )
Mentors Menteurs ! ( 2007)
In The Backyard Of Your Mind ( 2012 )