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Miami Beach, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


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"Raising Humanity"

Darshan Productions is the independent
film company and the media dynamo charting
the way for a number of artists and media
professionals to join together for a cause.
In an effort to heighten awareness and
raise the bar from the “me first attitude” so
prevalent in our society today, Darshan hopes
to lift our creative and philanthropic sights
towards “Raising Humanity.”
history and
evolution from
n e i g h b o r h o o d
church in the
1920’s to its
current role
as host to
i n d e p e n d e n t
film screenings,
artists exhibitions
and most well
known, the
Fort Lauderdale
International Film Festival held each year.
The event will honor The Heath Evans
Foundation, formed by Heath Evans, NFL
fullback for the New Orleans Saints.
The Foundation is dedicated to help those
affected by childhood sexual abuse by rebuilding
their self esteem and fostering
hope and healing to their lives. Darshan
Productions chose the Foundation to be
featured in its pilot episode of
“Raising Humanity.” The event will serve
as a private screening and fundraiser for
the Foundation. The evening offers an
opportunity to expose the hidden epidemic of
childhood sexual abuse, while opening minds
and hearts to the lifelong scars inflicted upon
survivors and their families. Darshan will be
featuring other celebrity humanitarian stories
in their upcoming episodes. The series is
being considered by television networks for
airing sometime in 2010.
To add diversity to the evening, Illume
Entertainment, a successful record label
looking to give back to the community has
offered its talents and services to help make
the evening a success. Donny Brocs, hip-hop
artist has produced a song on the subject of
childhood sexual abuse, entitled “The Way”
and will debut it at the event. Donny is
dedicated to transforming the image of hip
hop while reflecting the raw realities of life.
Donny says his life was forever changed
while playing for the Mason Dixon Football
League & he attributes his drive and musical
aspirations to the amazing team philosophy
he acquired while participating in sports. His
new CD, “MOV: Monsters of Vanity” will drop
in February 2010.
Bringing out the highest form of both television
and musical entertainment, the evening will
be elegant, enlightening and entertaining!
Lisa Vrancken
Executive Producer - Darshan Productions
Heath Evans
NFL Fullback - by: Dayna Andrews - Aristocrats


2006 - The Push
2008 - D.O.A.
2010 - The DonnyBrocs: EP



DonnyBrocs, Producer, Artists, Actor, Media Personality
• Born: June 6
• Birthplace: Chicago Illinois
• Best Known For: Music Production
Once promising athlete and now a bellowing media crooner, DonnyBrocs efforts to create a branding of positive life style, health and simple truth. Coming off the well received single “TheWay”, DonnyBrocs collaborated with the “Heath Evans Foundation” alongside NFL super bowl running back Heath Evans. DonnyBrocs continues to find entertainment in each sport and develops a musical platform and story behind the athlete. Playing Semi – Professional football with the Virginia Mutiny DonnyBrocs has learned “we only fail to succeed, and if I’m still standing…I got to be doing something right” – DB. DonnyBrocs is also a community leader and sponsor working with such groups as Autism speaks the Veronica Eyes Foundation, the Donna Hicken Breast Cancer Foundation and with the Heath Evans Foundation. Forming Illume Entertainment in 2006 Donny began to search for talent in south Florida and building a foundation of continued education and hard work. Still working in the community and hosting sport camps for kids in Boca Raton fl, DonnyBrocs began the first, transition and now collaboration into sports and Hip Hop. Releasing his first mix tape style album “The Push” in 2007, it was a local underground success steaming off bad memories and conviction. In 2008 DonnyBrocs Release a more studio sounding Album “D.O.A.” using hard kicks, snares and some metal guitar thrashing, Donny put his own stamp on Rock and Hip Hop. Looking to drop his third and first studio album late 2011, DonnyBrocs has combined the speed light technology of media and music, with the story lines of reality to form “NoLuck Media” an independent media group that builds on substance for the demography (great media for great fans). You can find out this and more at and follow DonnyBorcs on twitter and FaceBook