Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Pittsburgh based indie band that plays melodic, dance-worthy, garage pop.


Jake Hanner met the future lead singer of his band a few hours after she was born.  He was disappointed she was a girl and cried.  Eighteen years later, Jake got over it, and he and sister Casey had their first practice as a band.  We didnt really know how to interact with each other that way, explains Casey.  So, that first practice was definitely a little awkward.  Quickly, however, the duo realized their shared upbringing could translate to solid pop tunes.  A few years later, they suckered another kid named Jake into playing bass.  After shooting down Caseys idea to name the band Casey and the Jakes, they became Donora.

Jake Hanner plays drums, triggers samples from his octapad, and sings backup.  Jake C, the studied musician of the group, plays bass, while Casey sings and plays an old black and white Silvertone.  When I first started playing guitar, I definitely used it as a tool to write songs, explains Hanner of the songs she wrote as a teen that Jake would later embellish with samples and loops, and would ultimately lead to Donoras pop fusion.

The recording process has always been a family affair for Donora, with Churton an honorary member.  The Hanners were raised in a musical household, living over the recording studio their father runs.  It was their father who suggested the duo even play together in the first place.  Caseys bedroom was directly above the studios control room, and she attributes her ability to sleep through anything to this fact.  Jake grew up watching his father in the studio and happened to pick up a thing or two.  Father and son now share a studio space, with Jake H engineering, producing, and mixing the bands albums.

Donoras latest release is titled Play Nice.  As the band puts it, its a collection of songs about getting lost in the moment.  The whole idea behind the EPs title track is that its ok to be happy and to make music thats fun, Casey explains, It doesnt have to be a guilty pleasure; it can just be a pleasure.  With Play Nice, Donora invites you to turn this EP up and have a one person dance party in your bedroom.

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