Donovan Haburn

Donovan Haburn


My songwriting style has one elixir: the instruments make the sound; the emotions make the music.


I am influenced by the following bands/songwriters: Pearl Jam, Dada, Coheed and Cambria, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Foo Fighters, and The White Stripes.


Sing With Your Eyes

Written By: Donovan Haburn

There is a place in my mind,
that hides in the crevasse of time,
dissolved in a song so beautiful.
Whenever I want to break free,
I sink into your soft melody,
It helps to release me from this world.

Feel all the notes,
learn every rhyme,
sing all the words,
in perfect time,
and sing with your eyes,
sing with your eyes.

A-washed in a sea of feelings,
an echoing voice off ceilings,
drown in your harmonic voice.
As time slips away so swiftly,
sometimes my mind goes drifting,
I’m lost in the lyrics of your song.

Metaphorically Speaking

Written By: Donovan Haburn

Hidden in a manner you’ve perfected,
through your overwhelming dread,
of the lies that you’ve been fed.
Incognito’s your elixir,
and hidden from their eyes,
your smile’s a disguise.
You dig and dig to escape their piercing thoughts,
but the hole you dig’s self-made,
and it’s become your future grave.
It’s fight or flee; but you just fight to flee.
It’s lonely but it’s safe.
Yeah, it’s always been that way.
What’s constant is constantly changing,
and the winds of change blow strong,
and they keep pushing you along.
So you tell yourself nothing is forever,
cuz forever is nothing.
Like a song no one can sing.
You’d love to trust, but you can’t trust your love.
You’ve been down that road before,
like a moment on the shores.
of the waters in a sea of ecstasy
where the view wasn’t enough,
cuz you never got to touch,
the waters that you’ve dreamt of long ago,
that would carry you away,
as the sun begins to fade.
So you wait just like a book in lost in found.
cuz you found that you were lost,
and your pages have been crossed.
Now you’re alone and just dying to be read,
by anyone at all,
like graffiti on a wall.
That tells the ones who read that you were here,
but now you have moved on,
but you’ll keep singing this song...