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Donovan New Day


Donovan New Day is a four piece outfit that brings together inspirations from Punk, Indie and New Wave to create an explosive sound that is refreshingly new and mature. DND music will inspire and lift the spirits of those who envelope themselves into Donovan New Day's beautifully crafted sound.


Donovan New Day is a three-piece band from San Diego, California. The band is comprised of Ben(Vocals/guitar), Chad (Guitar/vocals) Jaimon (Bass), and Micah (Drums). Donovan New Day began with a book of poems that were based on the joys, struggles and personal hardships that front man Ben Nares has experienced in his life. Ben had a strong desire to turn these poems into songs. In March of 2005, Ben recruited long time friend, Micah Helkenberg and mutual friend, Jaimon and Chad to join him in accomplishing his musical vision. Thus, Donovan New Day's journey began. During the day, the band members worked as masons and professionals and at night they worked on their lifelong passion as musicians.

Donovan New Day continued to expand their fan base by playing clubs, VA halls and bars where they have drawn in crowds in excess of 300. By April of 2006, the band recorded, produced and mixed an eight-song demo entitled, "When All Ties Are Severed". Ben's unique writing approach when coupled with the dynamic rhythm provided by Jaimon and Micah proved to be tremendously productive.

The creative and brilliant song writing of Ben has brought something new and refreshing to the table. His empowering and inspirational lyrics are beautifully connected with catchy hooks and powerful music that are deeply rooted in accomplishment, fears, pain and triumph. Ben's writing has not slowed down and the band has collectively created a catalog of fourteen fully arranged songs. This is a strong testament to the quality of Ben's writing and the entire bands skill, work ethic, and determination. Donovan New Day's goal is to touch the lives of those who listen to their music.


"When All Ties Are Severed"- April 2006

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Set List

The set list usually consists of 10-12 original songs and the band will occassionally cover "Sunday" by Jimmy Eat World