Donovan Oakleaf

Donovan Oakleaf

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True stories from my own life about growing up in waaaay too much church. A play about Big Ideas masquerading as a narcissistic one-man show. Hits home with people who love religion and with people who love to hate religion - hits home in, like, a GOOD way, y'know?


I wanted to make art about my people, the place and the time I'm from; something grand and true and painful and human and real.

But I don't come from glamorous people. I don't even come from spectacularly flawed people. I come from very sincere, religious people. Fundamentally un-sexy people. The people who, for better or for worse, have been voting for Mr. Bush since the dawn of the new millennium.

I am not nearly so at ease with my own as I was as a child; but ignoring or ridiculing them doesn't sit well with me either.

Talk about God and people, church and state, religion and politics doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Lines have been drawn; not many of a very helpful kind. This little show hopes to cross as many of those as possible.

It may not be the sexiest subject matter, but the stories are true, the views are my own and doggon it, a man's got to write about something at the end of the day, now, don't he?

Set List

BE SO DO SO runs 90 minutes long, no intermission.