Don Pedigo

Don Pedigo


Pedigo is heir to the throne of great writers like Dylan, Prine, Kristofferson, & Earle. Nobody's gotta vacate just squish over a bit before he crushes you.


The life of a singer/songwriter has many twists and turns, and there is no one path to achieving the goal---and what is that goal? Stardom, perhaps. Acknowledgement from one's peers, most likely. But for Don Pedigo, the pot at the end of the rainbow has been the song, the ability to put his lyrical/musical thoughts into three or four minutes and tell a story without sounding like a windbag. With heroes like John Fogerty, John Prine, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, Pedigo has always had to hold his songs to a very high standard, and working with two accomplished songwriters as his producers ups the ante.
But on his debut cd, What I Was Running From, this young Indiana troubador has made his mark as a voice to be listened to in the 21st Century. "I know I still have a ways to go," Pedigo explains, "but I am deeply proud of every song on this record, and I think I did them justice with my singing and playing." Don grew up in Indiana surrounded by music, as his parents were involved in a local Christian music scene, but his tastes ran more to the secular. "I don't have anything against it, but my own musical tastes were in a different place. My religion and my faith are very important to me, but that's not what I'm singing about." With this exposure to music from an early age, Don developed his skills as a fine singer and superb guitarist and became a name around town. John Mellencamp's musical director Larry Crane learned of Don's reputation and drafted him to back up Crane on his solo gigs. Soon after, Don started putting a band together to record his songs. Matt Buckner, an old friend of Don's with a distinctive fingerstyle/slide guitar style, joined forces with Pedigo and they assembled a band to record what would become What I Was Running From.

In Nashville, Don began working with Earl Bud Lee (writer of One Night At A Time and Friends In Low Places) who ended up co-producing the album with Jon Tiven (producer of B.B. King, Frank Black, Wilson Pickett). PBS has chosen the song "Indiana" to bookend their series about the state, and Don is already hard at work writing his next album. "I think my best work is still in front of me, but in my mind I've set the bar for myself pretty high already. I cannot afford to write songs that I'll be sick of in a few years. I'm in it for the long haul." It may sound a tad immodest........but only until you hear the record.


Where You Belong

Written By: Don Pedigo

Well you can toss me 'cross the world
to a land, where the language I don't understand
and I'd feel alright with you

But you're all wrapped in fear
I can feel it as I draw you near
in the here and now

but it's our time to be free
it's all about you and me
we're like the words to this song
baby there's nothing wrong
with feeling right where you belong

And you dare not make a move
without constantly checkin' your rear view
well who's behind?

But when the lights go down
and the shades are drawn and the lock is turned
you lose all sense of doubt

cause it's our time to be free
it's all about you and me
we're like the words to this song
baby there's nothing wrong
with feeling right where you belong

And it don't matter what daddy says
the sooner you stop meeting his demands
the sooner you'll let go

cause it's...

What I Was Running From

Written By: Don Pedigo/Earl Bud Lee/James House

Well Daddy died in Vietnam and I don’t know just who I am
And photographs cannot replace the part of me lost in his face

And Mama tried to raise me right but all her boyfriends I did fight
‘n didn’t like what the y called home so I stayed out in the streets alone

And when I fell in with the wrong bunch there was no mistaking
Who I would become
Looking back, now I find I’m chasin’ what I was runnin’ from

Yeah and raisin’ hell in the whiskey bars ‘ll end you up in police cars
And when you try to set it straight seems no one wipes away the slate

And when the good jobs get hard to find they blame in on this generation of mine
Can’t use your back gotta go to college, knowledge

And I regret some of the steps I taken things I have and haven’t done
Lookin’ back, now I find I’m chasin’ what I was runnin from

You see in this life there are many doors but, I never noticed all of mine before
Just opened the first one’s that I touched, now these days I don’t ask for much

It’s like I’m gainin’ on myself and time is wastin’, following the sun
Will I be forgiven for chasin’ what I was runnin’ from

On Your Side

Written By: Don Pedigo/Matt Buckner

On Your Side

Don’t know what you’re thinking’
My feet’s a draggin’ on the streets
Now the sidewalks keep me company
I never dreamed I’d be in this deep

Had me believing
that the sun won’t shine
I can’t find the reasons
Why the light was there
But it just wasn’t mine

Baby I was always on your side
Baby I was always on your side

All my belongings
All I have to give
All that I am longing
All the life I’ve left I have to live

Baby I was always on your side
Baby I was always on your side

Baby I was always on your side
Baby I was always on your side
Maybe someday I’ll cross your mind
Baby I was always on your side


"What I Was Running From" Tight-Knit Records 2006

Set List



Death of a Tiny Town

Where You Belong


What I Was Runnin' From

Seashells & Blacktop

Where Do We Go

On Your Side

Just My Luck


I Just Do


Worry In A Hurry

Amazing Grace

Southern Skyline

Cowboy Song

You've Been Around

Somewhere, Someway

Stronger Than That

I Have You

The Right One


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Bad Moon Risin' - CCR

Blue Sky - Allman Brothers

Bo Diddly - Bo Diddly

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Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

The Buckin Song - Rober Earl Keen Jr.

By My Name - David Alan Coe

Can't You See - Marshall Tucker Band

Cheeseburger in Paradise - Jimmy Buffett

Cherry Bomb - John Mellencamp

Cocaine- Eric Clapton

Come Monday - Jimmy Buffett

Copperhead Road - Steve Earle

Crossroads - Robert Johnson

Cripple Creek - The Band

Cry Love - John Hiatt