Don Pender

Don Pender

 San Francisco, California, USA

The group is very versatile. We play straight ahead jazz including swing and Latin for dancing. Don has a classical woodwind quintet that he performs with at the beginning of most of his performances that works quite well to set the tone.


We feel what sets us apart from other groups is that we our so versatile.(See Don's award winning web site at for more information.


Don has over 50 Cd's and 2 DVD's to his credit.

Sandra Jean: SD 1001 recorded in Copenhagen Denmark and was nominated for a grammy in 1984 Horace Parlan Jesper Lundggard, Finn Zeigler and Ed Thigpin.

Danielle: SD 1010 was recorded in honor of Don's daughter Danielle Gloria Cooper, Walter Savage, Bobby (HotTub) Ramirez.

Let's Fall in Love: SD 1011 recorded Sept 1990 Jeff Chimenti, Brad Buethe, Neil Heidler and Steve Rossi

The Loop: SD 1012 was a trio Don had with Jeff Chimenti and Michael Zisman.

By Pass IV: SD 1005 was recorded after Don had BY Pass surgery in 1992. Jeff Chimenti, Charnett Moffett, Victor Lewis and Bob Brumbeloe.

Harding Park: SD 1006 was recorded for the golf course Don plays. Jeff Chimenti, Charnett Moffett, Geoff Brennan, Victor Lewis, Bobby(HotTub) Ramirez and Bob Brumbeloe.

Storyville: SD 1007 was recorded June 1994. Don had a jazz club called Storyville here in San Francisco. The CD was done in Honor of George Wein who was in charge of the Newport Jazz Festival had a club called Storyville in Boston for 10 years.

Zipperman: SD 1009 (double CD) is also the title of Don's autobigraphy and represents a special club of jazz musicians here in the Bay area. Brad Buethe, Bryan McConnell, Bobby ( HotTub) Ramirez and Pete Escovedo. The Strings players are Jeremy Cohen, Dawn Dover, Danny Seidenberg and Joseph Hehert.

Nirvana: SD 1009 Nirvana means "Oneness with God" was recorded life here in San Francisco at Old First Church July 2001. Don wrote most of the music during Easter time while visiting Poros Greece. His friend Pamela Rogers painted the cover. Bob Brumbeloe, Don Prell and Steve Koskela.

Jazz live at Storyville 1st aniversary: SD 1015 Ernie Watts, Charles McPherson, John Handy, Don Pender, Dick Hindman, Bryan McConnell, Bob Brumbeloe and Brian Melvin ( What a Treat)

Don Pender live on the Bruce Latimer Show:(DVD) SD 1014 Bob Brumbeloe, Michael Zisman and Steve Koskela.

The Don Pender Quartet live at Lincoln Park: SD 1013 ( Jazz Vespers) Jay Witt, Mandy Flowers, Bobby (HotTub) Ramirez.

Christmas With Don Pender: SD 1016 Andy Laverne, Tony Nalker, Lynn Seaton, Jim Roberts, Steve Davis, Harold Summey and Steve Fidyk.

Don's brand new Double CD is with the Silcon Valley Symphony where he plays oboe and English Horn. Franz Schubert Symphony No9 in C Major Disk 1 and Pictures at an Exhibition 1874 Modeste Mussorgsky

Set List

A typical Set List would usually be
Classical quintet for 45 minutes ( Haydn/Mozart etc)
Jazz Set 1 hour each 6 songs
Bossa /Latin
We have over 500 songs in our list and 250 orginals