Don Quarles

Don Quarles


A songwriter / composer of R & B / Pop / country tunes, Don can custom write/ compose a theme song for your corporate event or charity to help your special event or fundraiser stand out from the rest.


Don has been songwriting since his early teens and has written songs for musical theatre, singing telegrams, national award shows and with artists such as spoken word artist, J. Nichole Noel, Canadian female country duo Jaclyn and Cassandra.

He is currently a Regional Songwriting Workshop Coordinator in the Stouffville area (near Toronto, Canada) of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI)

Don is also the Songwriting Mentor Coordinator and member of the Board of SASS (the School Alliance of Student Songwriters), a group that brings songwriting into Canadian elementary and secondary schools as well as Universities. Info on this unique music in education program can be found at:



Written By: Don Quarles/ Linda M.

Verse 1
Hey, I got your note
I was fine until I read
Hey, those words you wrote
Did you mean to say what you said?

Hey, did you hear
That my world has changed for good
Hey, I’m not near
As scared as you would think I would
You’ve got my attention but you forgot to mention
Exactly what you were trying to say

We used to say hey
I thought it meant you’d stay
We used to say hey
Does it mean you’re going away?
It must be time for us to say

Verse 2
Hey, I can try
to see your point of view
Hey, now I guess means goodbye
When there’s nothing left, nothing new

Hey, did you go
Because you didn’t think it was real?
Hey, now I know
It’s no secret how you feel
Wish it weren’t true
Wish I hadn’t dreamt of you
And hey is all I can say

To chorus

Too Late

Written By: Paul David / Don Quarles

Verse 1
Where are you going this time of night?
It’s not like you and me to fight.
Did I say something that wasn’t right
Or is it too late?
I thought together that we had time
My watch says it’s a quarter to nine
Seven years of us, were we not fine?
Or am I too late?

It’s in the sounds of your footsteps leaving
In your eyes when you look my way
I’ve got this rather uneasy feeling
you’ve got no intention to stay

Is it too late or is there no time to heal?
Am I too late to be the one that makes you feel?
Tell me slowly, coz I really need to hear you say
And tell me I should wait
Coz I’m too late

Verse 2
When I called you up a few days ago
I hope my wavering voice didn’t show
You sounded not like the girl I know
I must be too late
I miss the things that we used to do
An early morning coffee with you
I’d pick you up when you were feeling blue
now I’m too late

Was it the sound of your footsteps leaving
Your eyes when you look my way
I always had this uneasy feeling
You had no plans to stay

Coz I’m too late, there’s no time to heal
I’m too late to be the one to make you feel?
Tell me slowly, coz I really need to hear you say
The longer that I wait
I’m too late

He loves me (not)

Written By: Andrea Monro / Don Quarles

© 2005 Andrea Monro / Don Quarles

Verse 1
Sun’s up the coffee’s ground
I’m pickin the petals off the flowers he found
5 am when he rolls in, tellin’ the same old story again
That he loves me
Is this really meant for me,
I know that love it don’t come easy
He’s just standing at the doors
Watching the petals hit the floor
He must love me
Does he love me?

He loves me, He loves me not
He loves me, He loves me not
He loves me, He loves me not

Verse 2
I know he don’t run around
With any of those girls in town
Spends his time out making noise
with all them other country boys
Bar closes and he’s alone
and he drags his sorry self back home
There’s only so much I can take
This lonely heart gets tired of waiting


I keep thinking some day he might come around
Even though all he does is let me down
Time to make a choice now for my sanity
But every time I leave he comes running after me



Artist - J. Nichole Noel - "Parent & Child" spoken word single released to radio 2004 (R & B/Hip Hop station 103.5, Toronto)

Artist - Jaclyn & Cassandra - "Daddy's Angel"

Set List

45 minute set of all original material - all influenced by the likes of James Taylor, Elton John, Eagles, Chicago, etc.

Will do some "covers" on special request.