Don Quinn

Don Quinn

 Purvis, Mississippi, USA

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Strength Of Hope

Written By: Don Quinn


At that County Line stoplight
Got A call that change my life
My world came crashing down

My wife just got the news
That all the test and x-rays prove
It spread it’s way around

She never gives up fighting
No matter what they say
Gave me perspective, made me change my ways

Hope, The strength to climb that wall
No matter how tall
Believe that you can do it
You can find your way through it
Never give up on believing
When your heart keeps on reaching
And takes another grip on the end of your rope
Never underestimate the Strength of Hope

On that ride back to the house
Everything came pouring out
Guilt tugged on my soul

Victim of a busy life
We just flew through days and nights
It quickly comes and goes

Thinking we have all this time
When it’s truly not enough
Amazes me how strong she is, amazes me how tough


Why do we wait till things go wrong
Before we change the path were on
Let them know how much you care
Before your hanging by a prayer