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DonSante is the HOT new sound for HIP HOP/R&B! He is blazing the trail from an r&b vocalist to Hip Hop/artist. His solid vocal skill and witty punchlines capture real life drama in his music. Ole Skool Story telling is back!


Originally from Dayton Ohio, home of big time 70's funk, Roger & Zapp, Ohio Players, Slave to Shirley Murdock. Growing up a military kid, DonSante (pronounced Don Sauntay) moved around at young age literally traveling from coast to coast, from San Diego to Newport,RI before growing up in a small town near Dayton,Ohio. Same town as another music pioneer John Legend. At the early age of 7 DonSante was already makin mixtapes for his young lady fans, remixin old jams like BBD,Al B Sure to Tribe Called Quest. Music was always an escape for him, Growing up in a military household isnt always easy and can at times be very strict. " I remember I used to hide my mixtapes in the mattress" recalls DonSante. His father a member of the US Air Force was more interested in him hitting the books than music. "Life is tough as a kid already, now add in being the new kid on the block, thats really how I learned to hustle and watch out for myself" recalls DonSante when asked about the life of a military kid. " I would make freinds easy, but seemed like dudes were always testing me, being a young black male seemed I always had to prove myself, thats how I wrote alot of my early raps, to cope" So DonSante pursued music as a side hobby, writing for artists, mix tapes, even school performances. He earned himself an academic/athletic scholarship, but still felt as if something was missing from his life. DonSante started out his musical career in the R&B group NuDon Juan. This 4-man quartet scored a local hit "You are the One" they even had the chance to perform as an opening act for Ginuwine. As a songwriter and producer, he has composed several tracks for a few local artists, most notably All Girl Pop Groups (4Bidden and B.A.D.D.) to Hip Hop Artist Teflon Don, who has worked with the likes of T-Pain. DonSante has also worked with Migs aka The Supreme Being from HBO's FIGHT KLUB and was recently featured on VH1 The Score Contest as submitting "Hot New Tracks" and narrowly missed being picked as a finalist, finishing in the top 25 out of over 8,000 submissions. DonSante is following the mold of artists like "Ne-Yo" and " The Dream", artists who made great songs for other groups before pursuing solo careers. His music is a reflection of real life drama, life and love, to the pain and struggle of everyday life, fused with hot beats. His creativity takes you on a journey "back in the day" to hits updated to reflect today's times. DonSante believes you always have to follow your passion, no matter the cost. "If you don't do what makes YOU happy, then you aren't being real to yourself."


"Mind Games"
"Tell Ya"
"Round n Round"
"Changin Times"
"Brooklyn Girls"
"I Try"
"Talk 2 Me"
"I Try Remix"

Set List

"Mind Games"4min
"Tell Ya" 4min
"Round and Round"4min
"Changin Times"4min
"Brooklyn Girls" 4 min
"I Try"4min