R&B/Pop Artist from montreal. Seen him on Canadian Idol, Heard him on Montreals Virgin96 & 94.7 HITS FM and might have seen his recent success at Canadian Music Week 2007 for the Canadian National Songwriting Contest... PATIENCE/PASSION/PERSISTANCE


Donsmoove SINGER/SONGWRITER/RECORDING ARTIST is probably best known for winning the 2007 regional finals of the Canadian National Songwriting Contest. The song "Inadequate" (collaborating with I-Notchz Productions) was played on Montreal's MIX96 during Randi Plante's Show and during Montreal's most listened morning show Cat, Lisa and the Sheriff. This earned him the opportunity to perform the song live during Canadian Music Week for Sennheiser's Songriters Showcase amongst Grammy nominated songwriters. You might have caught him performing in Montreals hottest venues and across north america including Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas
Donsmoove has been a singer for more than 12 years. Starting by singing in choirs in his early years, his love for performing on stage grew as he entered high school and college. Along with some of his high school friends, he formed the group SYG (Smooth Young Gentlemen). Successful though they were, 4 years of singing covers of popular artists took its toll. It was with no regret that after high school the members all ventured into their own endeavors,and he joined his first group called ELEMENTS. They performed in many local talent shows, again covering mainly popular songs by pop/R&B artists. When that became too reminiscent of SYG, Donsmoove left to join another group: SINCERE. SINCERE prided themselves on performing original material, songs that they had gotten together to write, songs that were from their hearts. They sang their lyrics in larger venues than he had ever done with previous groups, including many hot, local clubs, the Olympic Stadium and Place Bonaventure in Montreal. The time with this group allowed Donsmoove to explore writing and recording for the first time.

After graduating CEGEP the groups once again separated and Donsmoove's thirst for performing grew exponentially. With that thirst multiplying, Donsmoove began to perform as a solo artist, something that he had not really explored in all his previous years of singing and being on stage. Armed with this new intent, he opened himself up to other shows and situations where he sang solo. Since then he believed his true calling was in solo performances. It took a couple of years to get used to being onstage alone. The show Popstars being his first public foray into solo artistry. His faith in himself and the direction he chose proved true in 2003 when he won the title of Montreal's Idol after winning a contest held by local radio station, MIX 96 and CTV. This win opened up even more doors for him, including the popular Sport Compact Performance Car Shows at the Olympic Stadium and various other TV and radio appearances, including prime TV time for the second installment of Canadian Idol. Donsmoove continued to work hard writing and recording in studio to help get his name heard in the public. Many of you might have seen him again on TV for Canadian Idol 3, where he qualified once again for the top 100, ultimatey getting eliminated on the last day finishing amongst the top 48 in Canada out of the 9000 who auditioned.



Written By: Serge Cayanong / Sydney Saget / Yonatan Ayal

Co-Written & Recorded By: Serge “DonSmoove” Cayanong
Co-Written & Produced By: Yonatan Ayal and Sydney Saget

On the outside looking in,
Sit back reminisce.
In the back of your head wondering
How’d it end up like this.
Always thought that you’d make it.
Flossin’ trying to fake it.
You run like a lost man.
You’re inadequate

You always had the dreams
To make it big.
You had the city locked down and --
Even after all the shows and gigs,
Still can’t believe you never made it.
Everybody knew your name,
Limelight was to blame.
Now you’re sitting wondering,
Where all the fame went,
You were all over it.

You can’t seem to find,
A reason for all the said and done.
I won’t waste my time,
Telling you right from wrong.
You had it all
And you let it fall.
Can’t seem to find a reason.
Blaming you and everything you did,
Moods like the seasons.


Now you sit and write this song.
Writing about how it all went wrong.
Saying how you got caught up in it,
And how you should have stayed grounded.
Let the hype in your head.
Now you wonder why your shine is dead
And where all the fame went,
You were all over it.



Why did you sink?
Why did you blink?
How could you?
Everything to the brink,
And didn’t even think.
Damn it’s true.
Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go,
Like you didn’t even know.
Look what you did,
You’re left all alone.



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