Don Tanner and 17 Stares

Don Tanner and 17 Stares


The music and members of this group are reflective of the sum of its parts. Mature, yet exciting. The music represents the pieces of life that we all experience and shares this commonality with the listener.


The music of the group has matured over time and has settled into an adult contemporary blend that is as ecclectic as its performers. Each member has an extensive yet diverse performance background. Each has played as openers for national acts such as The Ramones, Exile, and Donnie Iris. Additionally, some members have played in the national arena. The group members' experience of many styles of music to include: rhythm and blues, soul, jazz, country, rock, and alternative blend to create a unique sound carved by the years of experience that this group represents.

Set List

The band typically has 4 sets with each running approximately 45 minutes. The sets are a mixture of originals and covers. Sets are matched to the venue and change to reflect the audience and do not stay the same from place to place. An example of a set is as follows:
Down and Dyin' - Original
Chain of Fools (Remake) - Aretha Franklin
You Wreck Me - Tom Petty
I Would Wait For You - Original
Superstition (Remake) - Stevie Wonder
The Green Monster - Original
It's Been a Long Time - Original
Mary Had a Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughn
Blues Instrumental Featuring John Palakaris
Streets - Original