Don't be a Stranger

Don't be a Stranger

 Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE

Swedish indie pop band. sweet melodies sung by female vocalist with angel choirs. sometimes heavier and darker. with influences from Violent femes and Cat Power


Don’t be a Stranger was formed in 2002, in a tiny village in rural Värmland, a Swedish region of dark woods and weird dialects. Liv Widell (singer/songwriter), Louise Weibull (Fidget) and her sister Christina Weibull (Honey is Cool) met by coincidence and started making music together. Liv had a God-given voice and abundant musical sketches in her head and hands. Louise and Christina had flow, melodies, inspiration, instruments and a brand new portable digital recording studio.

About a year later, as the lack of rhythm became too painful, the girls were joined by Johan Forsman (Fidget). Loads of songs were born without much of a direction or outspoken desired result. What came out was Don’t be a stranger. All had completely different musical backgrounds, preferences and preconceptions of what to do and how.

In 2005, the band moves to Stockholm, to a “goth”-basement with neon lights and skeletons hanging from the roof. A new era begins which includes Konie Ehrencrona (guitar and producer) and Mattias Albinsson (bass). Don’t be a Stranger hereby slips into an era of homelessness and scattered come-together days in the red velvet sofa of Studio Cobra.

Frutti di mare is a cocktail of melodies of different modes and tempos, melodies looking for groove and euphoria in the simple, happy and spontaneous. The record has been recorded during the summers of 2005 and 2006 in studio cobra in Stockholm.


Ho Ho (EP) 2006
Frutti Di Mare (LP) 2007 (US release 2008)