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Donte J @ Curtain Club

Dallas, Texas, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

Donte J @ Fitzgerald's

Houston, Texas, USA

Houston, Texas, USA

Donte J @ Downtown Music Hall

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Donte J live Interview on Red Radio - Red Radio

Who’s Donte J?

Cordarius Donte Johnson lol naw I’m artist first and foremost in every sense but basically I’m a kid with a humble east texas beginning working his way threw not just the industry but also life

How you got started in the music scene?

I first realized I wanted to rap in high school when I used to participate in school ciphers & used to write rhymes in class sometimes instead of doing class work but I didn’t record my 1st song till after I graduated tho recording all my songs in my best friends mom’s living room on their PC using a mixcraft program & a $10 mic not to extravagant but its something ill never forget night in night out working on music ill always appreciate them for that

What are your music influences?

I mostly write bout personal stuff so my life is the biggest but musically I came up listening to a lot of music from hip hop, new jack swing, R&B, Rock & even country but artist that influenced me most are outkast, Red Hot Chili Peppers, kanye, Kid Cudi, Panic @ the Disco & so much more

What’s your method at the time of writing a song?

My writing is a bit unconventional cuz I don’t ever sit down w/ the intent of writing, my music usually comes to me in everyday moments but if I’m writing a song for another artist I just sit down & apply the subject they want to my own personal experiences & let the magic happen

So tell us more about your upcoming new album, Transistion. Can you give us some insight? Any official release date yet?

My next release will be an EP titled “The Transition” its basically gonna b a 8-9 track album split between songs off of my previous LP “The Sessions” & my next LP “No Evil” most importantly giving my fans good music & also show the growth & improvement to give them something to enjoy & look forward to till the full release. I’m lookin to release the “The Transition” EP in November 2012

What has been the funniest moment you have been or took part while touring?

I would have to say the funniest actually would also be the most embarrassing & motivating back in 09 I was performing in houston @ the jet lounge & started my set strong but by the 3rd song 2bars in I forgot the lyrics & kinda froze a lil lol I swear the longest 30 seconds of my life but I finished strong & it taught me we all mess up & to better prepare

Are there any more plans for the future we should be aware of?

Yes, my management team @ gorilla music & I are putting together a tour starting in january, my 1st Video “Front Page News” is out now on youtube w/ my follow up “Distortion” debuting late august

Where can we found more about your music?
U can can go to EPK & many other sites Sonicbids –

Facebook fanpage –

Twitter –

Front Page News Video –

Itunes –

Do you feel you are moving on the right direction?

Yes I do w/ every year & every project I improve & w/ age & life I gain the much needed experience to survive in this business - Vents Magazine

Texan MC Donte J may only be turning 22 in 2009, but the Houston resident already rhymes like a seasoned veteran. Having started honing his craft in freestyle sessions during his junior year in high school, the rapper is now set to conquer the rap world beyond the hallways of his alma mater. His debut LP, The Prelude, is only a precursor to the greatness Donte J has the potential to achieve, the tip of a musical iceberg that could bring the game to its knees. “It’s Not Sex in the City,” with its clever, pseudo-romantic lyrics, chopped and screwed vocal effects, and winding violin samples, is a fine display of Donte J’s undeniable charm and charisma behind the mic. -

Album - The Prelude

First let me say I like the 8 songs from Donte J. The hooks are catchy and the songs are well structured and Donte has a unique way with hip-hop love songs. "Just a Crush" the 3rd song in shows Donte's sensitive romantic side. It's the best thing on here as far as performance goes. Donte has too much of the same tone when he voices his raps and they all tend to fall into a predictable rythmic pattern. The production is a bit dated as well. "Cocky as I wanna be" track 1 would have been helped greatly by sharper production values. "Your Intimate touch" and "Lovers Lane" get the party started and the mood right but they both run out of steam on the production end. Still I enjoyed listening to The Prelude but as is it's still a bit too much like a demo. I give it 3 stars out of 5 - The Wave Magazine

Now for this issue’s new artists. Most of the artists come from the US this month, with only three from other countries. Half of these musicians emerse themselves in rock in one form or another, two are hip hop artists, one is a jazz/pop singer/songwriter, and one is multi-genred.

Hip Hop: Donte J, a new hip hop artist hailing from Houston, will be releasing his debut LP, The Prelude, in January 13. This new work presents a fresh look of hip hop, combining electronica with rhymes that are not self-indulgent as much of young hip hop often settles into. Donte J rhymes about romance and love, and not about his desire to be the best hip hop artist out there. It’s new and different and promises to offer audiences something more. Look for him in the Spring as he mounts The Future Tour, hitting nearly two dozen major cities and towns.

Words by Janie Franz - -


The Prelude (2009)- 1)Cocky As I Wanna Be 2)Come In 3)Just A Crush 4)Your Intimate Touch 5)Its Not Sex In The City 6)Lovers Lane 7)Just A Crush Rmx Feat Koder Brown

The Sessions(2011) - 1) Rum Dum Ft Koder Brown, Ben Quin 2) Borrowed Feelings 3) Amnesia 4) Metronome Ft Carrie De Vicious 5) Whts Hr Nme(Dream Girl) 6) Unrequited Love 7) Distortion 8) Le Fin Ft Carrie De Vicious 9) The Dream 10) Front Page News 11) HGH For The Heart 12) Quiet As A Riot, Loud As A Heartbeat 13) The End



Donte J born Cordarius Johnson May 5th 1987 grew up in small town Texas(Lufkin) but now resides & operates in Houston, TX & currently is under a management contract w/ Gorrila Music. Donte at the young age of 5 had the dreams and insurance that he was going to be a star and have the fame aspect that has inspired so many and have been sought out by so many first began writing songs at the age of 12 with his childhood friend and co Grandkings member Buffalo (Brian B.). Rhyming since the second semester of his Jr. year in high school hoping in freestyle session with school mates and spending more time writing rhymes in class than actually listening to the lessons after graduation Donte became officially dedicated to his craft and after a few years under his belt and all night studio sessions released his debut EP known as "The Prelude" which has production from producers out of Houston, Dallas, Chicago, To London And Features Artist Like Koder Brown. "The Prelude" was released digitally on iTunes, AmazonMP3 & many more with distribution threw F.M.B. Music & its sources. Building off of the experience Donte 2 Years later released his debut LP "The Sessions" a 13 track work featuring production from C-Wizz, Jac Shepard, Jimmi productionz, & The Ghost featuring artist like Carrie De Vicious & Koder Brown it is currently available on iTunes, Amazon & more. In a active career Donte also has inked a Distribution deal with the likes of Blastzone Ent. Group(Nightmare Records/Koch), became registered member of BMI, registered with the Texas Music Office in Austin, took the online music scene by storm(myspace ect. ect.), featured in Skope Magazines January/February 09' A2W / URB Next Top 1000 / The Wave Magazine (Album Review 3 Stars May 09 Issue)/ AJ&DBS interview/ Vents Magazine interview/ Juniors Cave Magazine, received indie airplay on online stations such as S.C.M. Radio, Fresh Music Express Radio, Skope Radio, Band Radio Live, & underworldmix radio which besides its website has a stream on iTunes under alternative as Underworldmixradio(In Which He has Been In The Top 10 Most requested), been interviewed on Red Radio, and has been booked & received nationally also in small towns(Lufkin, TX). Donte's goal in music is to be the best!!! not just the best in hip hop not just in r&b not just in pop, rock, country, or any other genre of music just the best ever! that is his mission statement and a plan well on its way.