don't idle engine

don't idle engine

BandEDMNew Age

don't find likeness - you'll waste precious time - don't confine your thoughts - there's so much to absorb - don't give me notes - i have them in spades - don't you know the way to happiness? - i think i do ... don't idle engine


grew up on top forty and classic rock - got a piano and learned gershwin and rachmaninoff, oh and mozart, bach and beethoven ... you know, the standard dead german contingency ... cool shit! - then college - cage moves me, ligeti, and too many others to mention. electronica masters i will not name them ... it's late


don't idle engine - don't idle engine (EP) 2007
don't idle engine - litmus (SINGLE) 2008

Set List

about 20'

don't idle engine
carry on
ethelred & "devil" fred