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Don't Mess With The Pony

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"The Event That Makes Your Evening"

Don't Mess with The Pony are three women who make great music. Cool jazzy stylings, with a funky base. They are all tallented and trained musicians and the ability shows out. So the set is cool and it keeps your attention... then the last song comes along. It's still cool and then you get a great soaring vocal. Suddenly the crowd and myself are transfixed. This is what we want. The memory of the fantastic vocal, soaring and challenging us. Hear me. More, more, more of the vocal. It goes to the heart of what you love about music. The unpredictable event that makes your evening.
-Neil Wedd - Inpress Magazine

"Girl Interpreted Review"

Back from their Canadian tour, Don't Mess With The Pony delivered an awesome set. None of the previous acts had used the drum kit, but that soon changed as the impressive Cat Leahy settled in and transformed the drum kit into a command console.

Megan Bernard and Suzanne Bass comprised the rhythm section and shared vocal duties. The smooth, funkadelic grooves induced feelings of euphoria; it made me want to dance!

Big thanks to everybody who helped put this event together and also those
who attended. Arts Access and the Deaf Arts Network would like to thank all of the artists. Thank you very much to Don’t Mess With the Pony and their Manager, Jenny O'Keefe for generously donating all funds raised to Deaf Arts Network. Many thanks to the superb Auslan interpreters, who managed to keep up with the performers (and play air guitar during solos!).
Thanks also go to Ruth Blakely and Leisa Whitaker [Arts Access EASE Ticketing] and Carly Weber [Arts Access Administration Coordinator]. Leisa and Carly did a great job managing the front of house ticket desk.

It was a truly inspiring experience of live music; a real treat. - Arts Access Victoria

"Don’t Mess With Them"

With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley to Prince and Madonna, Melbourne trio Don't Mess With The Pony may be one of the most unique and unpredictable bands that you'll have the pleasure of hearing.

After recording their first EP 'Colour Of Mind' in 2004, largely thanks to receiving one of the 25 Australia Council Buzz grants in that year, the all-femme rock/trance/jazz/funk group set about touring and winning audiences all over the country, especially in the rural areas. Undoubtedly, it has been Don't Mess With The Pony's strong focus on experimentation and creating different, unique sounds that has earned them such a high reputation among punters who have witnessed their raw and passionate improvised live performances. Furthermore, this energy has also earned the trio opportunities to perform at some major events which have included the 2004 and 2005 Darebin Music Feast, the 2003 Ladyfest, the 2004 Eldorado's Folk, Rhythm And Life Festival and the 2004 Apollo Bay Music Festival, just to name some...Intensity and warmth really are the key words here.

And when I have to admit to one of the band's vocalists and guitarist, Megan Bernard, that apart from the basics, I really do not know much else about her all-girl rock band, she is extremely forgiving of my ignorance, quickly taking control of our conversation...Firstly by pointing out that her band is not made up of 'girls', as I had hideously implied, but, in fact, of 'females'.

Bernard, Suzanne Bass (bass and vocals) and Cat Leahy (drums, electronics and also vocals) undertook studies in music at university with all three of the women ending up with Bachelor Of Music degrees. I am very impressed...

"I studied Jazz Improvisation as my major," Bernard points out, "so for me, improvisation plays a large part in the music we make. I have to admit I have a lot of problems with music these days sounding 'common'."

While some may view such a remark as somewhat snobbish and superior in its tone, Bernard insists that it is not about arrogance at all, but simply a desire to constantly challenge boundaries.

And who can argue with that...However, I am still curious as to what it would take for Don't Mess With The Pony to consider using 'common' chord progressions. Bernard thinks for a moment, then confesses, "Well, we wouldn't have done it previously, but now we might use them, though in using them we would make an effort to make them sound different. In the band, our drummer Cat uses triggers on her drums [triggers allowing the drummer to create almost any sound by hitting trigger pads as well as regular drums] and I also play through a guitar synthesizer, which is like playing your guitar through a keyboard, really. So, even though we're only a three-piece and may be using a simple chord progression, we get quite a large, atypical sound. We're not afraid at all of using effects," states Bernard.

Interestingly, the guitarist/vocalist's attitude towards using effects, as opposed to focusing on pure instrumentation, seems to be in direct conflict with the views of some of my peers who went through Adelaide University's Conservatorium Of Music and who tend to concentrate on pure sounds rather than using excessive production and effects.

Bernard claims that both approaches are good for their own different reasons. "This way is just a lot of fun for us. The music is still honest and it still comes through. The effects just allow us to sound different all the time and to have each song sound exciting and fresh. We love to have fun and jam onstage."

Bernard attempts to give me an example of what she means exactly: "Well, in the middle of a show we will ask the audience to give us a key to play in and we'll just jam for a while."

I don't know about you, but you'll certainly find me down the front.
- dB Magazine 10 jan – 14 jan 2007 issue 402

"Quote from Mal Webb"

“Having developed quite a colt following in Melbourne, Don’t Mess With The Pony are well neigh on their way to globe trotting success, reining supreme with their hoof tapping, fetlock flicking, groove laden lyrical lieder, loaded with literary allusions.
The cooly charismatic Cat, Suz and Meg combine into a musical beast that sure
ain't no camel.” - 16th June
- International Festival Artist


2007 Double Single "Don't Mess With The Pony"

2006 EP "The Four Secrets"

2004 EP "Colour of Mind"



Don’t Mess With The Pony (DMWTP) are an Alternative Indie-Pop trio with two singer- songwriters, luscious three-part harmonies and songs that stimulate the senses. Cat Leahy, Suzanne Bass and Megan Bernard crossed paths in 2002 in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The three became musical kindred spirits and consider their meeting both profound and fateful.

DMWTP are currently in pre-production mode preparing to record their debut album with producer Kalju Tonuma (The Living End, Crowded House, Trial Kennedy). In addition to this, the band are regularly performing in Melbourne at venues such as Bar Open, The Spot and The Retreat and in country towns including Beechworth, Yackandandah and Albury where they have developed a faithful audience. DMWTP can be heard on Triple J, Triple R, JOY FM and Radio National.

Since forming the band, DMWTP have released two independent EPs and a double-single. They also feature on compilation albums including Wireless Records - A Compilation (2002), Bitch Sessions (2003) and Make your mark (2005). DMWTP’s first release Colour of Mind (2004) was funded by an Australia Council bUzz grant which the band received in 2003. This grant also funded a promotional tour of Victoria and New South Wales. The second release The Four Secrets (2006) was produced by Pip Norman (TZU, The Commas) and
was followed by an independent tour of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

In July 2007 the band released their double single, It’s You I Love / The Right Moment recorded and produced by Kalju Tonuma. Following this release, the band embarked on an international tour of Canada to promote the CD. DMWTP have made their mark on the Australian and Canadian festival scene playing at Eldorado’s Folk, Rhythm and Life Festival,
Queenscliff Music Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival, Yackandandah’s Spring Migration, Darebin Music Feast and The Sasquatch Festival in Alberta, Canada.

With musical inspirations including Me’shell N’degeocello, The Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, DMWTP have produced a unique voice spiced with the subtle flavours of their influences. Inspired by the groove, feel and emotion of such artists, Cat, Suzanne and Megan relish their roles as members of a tight rhythm section. They are constantly exploring musical possibilities and revealing themselves to be captivating performers. The use of guitar synthesizer in DMWTP adds an exciting element that blends seamlessly with their vintage-esque sound.

The live DMWTP performance is an experience in itself. Expect soaring guitar solos, sensual and punchy bass lines and groove-saturated drums. A punter at a Beechworth gig commented, “I have never seen a band have so much fun.” Their lyrics will touch you, the music will draw you in and the unpredictable stage antics will keep you on your toes! Together in their element the band have no fear, and when they let you into their creative world and just jam, you realise exactly why their meeting was profound and fateful. It’s that certain something that words fail to describe. It just is. They are Don’t Mess With the Pony.