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Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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Don't Panic has always been a band of songs. Channeling heartfelt lyrics from frontman Lukasz Pinkowski that are both blunt and poetic, the group has made its name in the DC area as a musical reflection of those words - blunt, aggressive, and unapologetically passionate.

In a lyrical sense the band's second release, Every Day, brings to the table the natural growth of an already well-developed songwriter. Ever unrepentant, Pinkowski has always displayed a knack for socially-conscious verse that continues to mature here. The energy remains the driving force, but the turns of phrase are even a bit more deft with the passage of time, and delivered with the growing confidence of one who doesn't need your opinion, only your attention.

It is with the music, however, that Every Day announces its growth, and it's inherent value. This is a band much more musically aware, much more willing to consider the effect they wish to have on their listener. The energy is something they've always had; the ability to hear in their music the kind of in-the-moment experience one should expect from a real band. With this record however - with Don't Panic's growing maturity - the energy is not lost, only focused. Listen, for instance, to the barely-restrained ending of Night - no, turn it up... more. That's a song, ladies and gentlemen, but more importantly, that's a band, creating real impact with how they choose to say something in addition to what they want to say. There is a newfound art in these songs, which matches and compliments the art that has always been found in their lyrical content.

Bassist Dominika Pinkowska and drummer Joel Lewis perform here as a strong and steady unit, tightly executing their rhythm section duties with a beautiful precision. Guitarists Pinkowski and Ryan Napolitano have crafted their parts in tandem, complimenting DP's traditional melodic lines with an ear towards Post-Rock soundscape. And above everything still rides Pinkowski's unique voice - high, insistent, demanding not that you agree but that you listen. This is an ensemble that listens to music together, that talks about music together, and that is allowing itself to develop organically rather than forcing its own hand. In Every Day, Don't Panic has shown itself to be a band willing to figure out what these songs require rather than what they simply want to play.

Kyle Saulnier
- Awaken the Music


The Other Scales (2003)

Every Day (2010)

Airplay on:
DC 101FM (Local Lix)



Based in Alexandria, Virginia, the rock group "dont panic" performs original music that draws a diverse audience with their high-energy performances and musing lyrics. The band has been featured on DC101 Live in studio and performs regularly at a variety of venues and festivals. The band is equally at home bringing their high energy performance to a packed bar, as they are setting up outdoors and attracting passersby to the concert.

dont panic's members include singer and songwriter Lukasz Pinkowski, bassist Dominika Pinkowska, lead guitarist Ryan Napolitano and guest percussionist Daniel Mancini. dont panic began its existence in a bouncy melodic pop motif that has developed into a driven independent sound. dont panic’s music identifies itself with its lyrical sophistication that sets it aside within its genre.

The songs vary from introspective ballads and poetic objections to blunt rhapsodies. The music conspires to make you listen and the lyrics ask you to chew.