Don't Tread On Spiders
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Don't Tread On Spiders

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"Monomyth EP - Artrocker Recommended"

Brilliant stuff. Self-hating, nihilistic and defeatist lo-fi rock; untamed,sloppy feedback, crackly recordings and a strained, wailing cry for truth in amongst the sombre crawling pace of 'Monomyth'. Dirgy and deep, I'm Looking forward to seeing where these guys will go. - Artrocker Magazine

"Don't Tread On Spiders - Monomyth EP"

Formerly Cardiff's The Days, they've now - like Mohawk in 'Gremlins 2' - transformed into 'Spiders', ahem. This debut four-track starts off with a ear-catching intro to 'My Week in Shinjuku', and it continues to please the ears by a being a mesh between angular post punk and 60s pop. This two girls and a guy three-piece fit together as snugly as old slippers, a fitting analogy for the track 'Together Again' with its folk-strumming, gentle drumline and flute is a warm cup of tea and crumbly biscuits. It's an uplifting and apologetic number as lead singer Sonny Day states 'I didn't mean to make you feel lonely.'

The title trick begins off ominously with a growling guitar and bassline played out over The Velvet Undeground-ish drums, it's another shift in direction for the band and again they wear it well. Unlike other bands that shift awkwardly as they try to fit their influences, Don't Tread On Spiders take a careful dash of what intrigued them about other bands and give it their own gloss.

The EP ends on the weakest track, 'St. Anthony' is a half-sung poem pronounced over a school hall sounding piano and lacks the eerie emotion to really make it resonate. It feels more like a footnote rather than a fitting close to a darn fine debut release from this highly accomplished band, I look forward to hearing more from them. ' - God Is In The TV

"Don't Tread On Spiders - Monomyth [EP]"

Unsigned (DIY Label)
February 12, 2009, 03:14 PM

It’s always fun to be the outcasts, the outsiders, the underdogs, the renegades. Okay, maybe not renegades, that’s probably taking it a bit far, but would look awesome as a quote on a press release or the back of a CD. My pathetically over exaggerated and dramatically made point is that nobody in my region really sounds like ‘Don’t Tread On Spiders’. That is sometimes a good thing, and sometimes bad, because as great as it is to be unique, it can also prove difficult to slot into the pretentious and tight knit circles and to secure more gigs, although with a upcoming gig in Cardiff University’s 1500 capacity Great Hall (a phenomenal achievement for a local act), they probably don’t need your help anyway thanks.

‘Monomyth’ is the most recent release from this unsigned Cardiff based band and features 4 tracks that successfully showcase the band’s song writing diversity. With the playful and innocent appeal and sound of acts such as ‘Los Campesinos!’ and the honey soaked vocals of Brendan Benson, ‘My Week In Shinjuku’ is the perfect introduction to this band and summarises everything that there is to love about their music. ‘Together Again’ meanwhile is a more low-key affair although it’s stripped down traits allow for the innocence and honesty to shine through.

The moody sounding title track ‘Monomyth’ is possibly the darkest that ‘Don’t Tread On Spiders’ and isn’t unlike the most electric fuzzy moments of The Von Bondies. In all, a fantastic range of songs capped off with the beautifully creepy and haunting St Anthony that is so diverse and fine tuned that it is difficult to get bored of. A token cheesy and predictable journalistic phrase to sum it up? – ‘Ones to watch!’ - Altsounds

"NME Number One Breaking Band"

"there's not a terrific amount of tricks up the sleeves of south Wales trio The Days, but they sure do peddle a fantastic line in simple, soppy indie pop. Theirs is a sound that recalls the likes of The Velvet Underground, Johnathan Richman and Glasgow cutie types The Pastels. Aw, bless" - NME


Monomyth EP 2008 (tracks "My Week In Shinjuku" and "Monomyth" have received ariplay on Radio 1, Xfm and TSM. "Get Up And Go"Demo from upcoming EP has also received airplay on Radio 1).



Don’t Tread On Spiders are a leading Cardiff based alternative rock band gaining excellent reviews for their debut EP ate present. The trio consists of two singer/ song writers; Max Chan on drums and Sonny Day on guitar. Caitlin Davies completes the group on bass, flute and percussion and the funkiest boots on Earth!
Their debut EP Monomyth, released in 2008, has received excellent critical reviews from Artrocker Magazine, Altsounds and Wales based E-zine God Is In The TV. The band has also received a “# 1 Breaking Band” review in NME and appeared in legendary local Cardiff independent compilation “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The 22 Of Us”!
D.T.O.S. have a lo-fidelity ethos to their recordings, and have enthusiastically embraced the Do-It-Yourself method of promoting and releasing their own material. They are currently known for their re-use of old B-Movie monster posters to promote their gigs. The Spiders are an eclectic bunch and follow various local projects; Sonny is a passionate follower of the lo-fi photography movement known as Lomography, whilst Caitlin has been accused of being an industrial espionage Ice-Cream Spy and once hitched a lift off Robbie Williams. Max Chan is currently appearing as a Zombie in a locally made horror flick.
Although their first release comprises of eclectic sounding songs with acoustic guitar and a 80+ year old piano (it's haunted and scares the bijeebies out of Sonny), for live shows the Spiders are famous for their powerful electric guitar based songs, dynamic mutant performance and raw/ riff -driven sound.
Demos for songs “My Week In Shinjuku” and “Get Up And Go” have received airplay from a D.I.Y. special on Radio 1, along with other shows on X-Fm and TSM Radio. Sonny has also appeared on the BBC Wales Art Mundi Documentary performing “Wasted You” in the opening credits.
“Number 1 Breaking Band” NME
“Brilliant Stuff. Self-hating, nihilistic and defeatist lo-fi rock” Artrocker Magazine
“Ear viagra without the embarrassment” Adam Walton Radio Wales
“Very very good indeed” Bethyn Elfin, Radio 1
“A darn fine debut release from this highly accomplished band, I look forward to hearing more from them” God Is In The TV
"‘Ones to watch!’"Altsounds