Don't Wait Animate

Don't Wait Animate

 London, England, GBR


"Don’t Wait Animate are a ridiculously talented bunch destined for big things” IDJ

Formed in 2008, Don’t Wait Animate are a five piece experimental band from London, England. Don’t Wait Animate interpret our unique cultural moment through an eerie kaleidoscope of sound and anxious lyricism.

Taking inspiration from a host of divergent musical genres and artists, Don’t Wait Animate nod to composers such as Hans Zimmer and John Cage, trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack and Unkle, 2-step producers Burial and 2562 and even the dystopic literary worlds of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Their material seamlessly delivers an intricate mix of Indie and Electronic music with ingenuity and integrity.

Don’t Wait Animate unflinchingly confront the listener with discordant Dub bass lines and Future Garage beats that morph unexpectedly into euphonious orchestral explosions. An urban soundscape of bus journeys and trains to the pitter patter of the grey suited city worker is woven into compositions.

Don’t Wait Animate’s ambitious musical vocabulary creates phonic layers of the ambient and the industrial, transporting the listener through the sprawling, fragmented metropolis.
With a convictional vocal, Don’t Wait Animate’s anxious lyrical analysis of the world around them finds a voice for a disenfranchised boomerang generation living in flux.

With their Debut single “6174” and most recent debut EP “Overcast Up. Concrete Down.” being an underground success with flattering reviews from The Guardian, Sunday Times, Dazed and Confused and industry taste makers CMU Daily, they are now finishing up work on their debut album “The Ivory”.


Police Inside

Written By: Don't Wait Animate

In these back streets, in the corners of my eye,
I see the true face staring at me as it lies,
I hear a notion, a potent deadly smile,

On the telescreens broadcasting down the wires,
Falls a smoke screen across the churches and the spires,
This inaction show the courage of our time,


In these eyes now I hold a gaze of full denial,
There’s no surprise now as its been like this for a while,
My lips are silent although I’m growing from inside,

I’ve marched the nation yet I have never marched so far,
Inebriation, to ease the pain in all the bars,
I am broken, I am written off.



"6174" Single Release 7"vinyl Release 2010

"Overcast Up. Concrete Down." EP Release Digital 2011

"The Ivory" Debut Album 2012