Don Vigilanti

Don Vigilanti


An eclectic mix of reggae, hip hop, Rock and R&B. Definitely world music with a Jr. Gong Flavour.


Dean Mundy aka Don Vigilanti is literally no stranger to the music business. Dean grew up seeing and hearing sound systems and was influenced by his uncle who was a drummer in the famed “Sagittarius” band. Fast forward a few years and Dean was already building beats and performing at various high school BBQs and fetes. His first love is songwriting but he has dabbled in various aspects of the business having secured a full time position at age 16 within the music industry. "I actually started out with the ambition of being an artist" the St. George’s College graduate recalls, "but my mentor Tony Kelly helped me to realize that there was a life and career apart from being on the mic."

The young Tony Kelly protégé has worked with highly recognized names such as; Penthouse Records then Shocking Vibes Production until starting his own label, Vigilanti Entertainment a few years back. Over the course of his career, Dean worked with some of the biggest names and on some of the biggest recordings in popular music, both locally and overseas, including: Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder, Tanto Metro & Devonte, The Wu Tang Clan, Jermaine Dupri and Jimmy Jam (of the a famed Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis), T.O.K, Super Kat and Sean Paul just to name a few.

Don Vigilanti has emerged from Dean’s long standing ambition to be an artiste and to further his love for the stage. “I couldn’t find anyone better to say what was on my mind and in the manner I wanted to express them, so I decided to record these tracks. I love the mafia world so it was only fitting to work as Don Vigilanti”

The first single from this multitalented musician and artiste “So High” is already released and doing well on internet airwaves. The song kicks off a promotional venture for vigilanti called ‘So High – Gift to Get” series which aims at marketing music in an imaginative way. Asked about his style he says it’s a eclectic mix of reggae, hip hop and R&B. “Definitely world music” as he puts it. Don Vigilanti remains in his studio churning out the next singles for his debut album titled “The mind of a mad man” to be released in summer 2010. Enough said.


So High

Written By: Don Vigilanti Feat. Marie Claire

(Coughing)..yo pass the spliff nuh star...(coughing) nuh that bag deh vigilanti gi yuh fi gi mi my yute .. (coughing) yuh a bun off the grade suh..

I wanna get so high (x3)
I wanna touch that sky

(alright then)
Pass the weed an pass the lighta
Mi haffi get fras tonight ya
U caan role my spliff cause u role too loose
When me a role me a role it tighta..
I'm a weed lova I am not a fighta
But let me let you in pan da little insight ya
Me an you will war cause its impolite
If yuh nuh waan pass back mi lighta

I wanna get so high (x3)
I wanna touch that sky..

Now when it comes to my weed I'm passionate..
Mi nah guh waste my spliff suh mi ration it..
The way me luv my spliff I hold it close
Treat it like a baby put it in a bassinet
Natural as mi born I don't want no gas on it
No puff puff pass I don't want nuh cat on it
Mi seh mi respect mi weed so mi get it engraved
Sometimes mi all put a little plaque on it..

I wanna get so high (x3)
I wanna touch that sky..

Leaving jamaica and going to paris..
I don't have to book no flights...
Cause when I smoke my spliff I'm like air jamaica
I'll be soaring to highest heights.
Smoking a grade that keeps you merry ..
Smoking pineapple .. Smoking blueberry ..
Its one of those grades that blaze like purple haze..
These weeds are extraordinary ..

Repeat from first cho...


"So High"