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Don Wayne Mann

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I like to write every day.I Love the process\ & sometimes I wake up with a song in my head. At that point I have to stop everything I'm doing and write it down, before I lose the inspiation.
Music is a very big part of me.
I am a Pop guy with alternative leanings.
Well, I'll let you figure it out.


My influences Include first of all... my Father Sol Mann/ The Beatles/ Billy Joel/ Bruce Springsteen/George Strait & Graham Nash That is a good start. Of course, I do have many more people and things that inspire me.
My father was a well known singer in upstate New york in the 1960"s and 70's. He gigged with some of the greats; Buddy Rich and Jerry Lewis are two.
He was a singer and leader of a band. As Dan Fogelberg has said, which is true for me as well... I am truly a living legacy to
"The Leader Of The Band". My Dad Sol Mann.....


get a life

Written By: Don Wayne Mann

Got a gym membership you don’t use it, Hair on your head you’re about to lose it,
You’re slipping away on a foundation of clay, your girlfriends out of your life she told you today,
Get a life boy ‘cause you can’t have mine,
You’re a loser Roy and you’re out of time,
Everything you do cuts me like a knife,
I had enough; enough is enough get a life.
Got an old car your about to junk it, girls in the park think you’re old or something,
You’re love’s gone away she‘s not coming home today, because she’s here with me and were going away
Get a life boy and you can’t have mine,
You’re a loser Roy and you’re out of time,
Everything you do cuts me like a knife,
I had enough; enough is enough get a life
Why then, do you keep holding on?
You’ve had fun it’s time you best be moving’ along,
You can Find another girl cause this ones here is mine now
Go on home cause neither one of us has the time anymore… anyhow (Chorus)

You had your chance now so your luck is over, I’m sure you’ll find a way to just forget her
The message you sent her won’t get through, were going away, because she’s so over you … (Last Chorus, End)

A song for June

Written By: Don Wayne Mann


I was waiting for an answer when I asked are you a dancer
When you told me that you worked nine to five
Then you asked me why I cared I don’t recall if I was scared
Girl, I said I’m just so happy to be alive
Where would I have gone if I hadn’t met you that day?
It’s not like me to be happy by myself
And where would you have gone June if you left and moved away
Who would’ve been there to laugh at the all the stories that you tell
2nd verse
I was waiting a little while when I asked if you wanted children
Then you told me that you did and cried alone
It was just where my head was at and you were thinking the same thing
It’d be nice to have some kids and share a home… Chorus
3rd Verse
I was waiting patiently when I asked if you’d grow old with me
Then we both laughed and said we guessed we might as well
We’d seen those hard cold winters turn to springs don’t you agree?
Do you remember all those summers that all seemed hot as hell?
So now it’s nice to watch the kids grow with us up after all the fuss
And realize as we look at them we’ve all changed and carried on
Well sooner or later we’ll say Oh My God it’s all been fun
And they’ve all grown up to be a little bit like us… Chorus


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