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"Don Yute is Richer Than Money"

April 25, 2009

Star Entertainment

Don Yute is 'Richer Than Money'

Roxroy McLean Photo -
Jason 'Don Yute' Williams has returned to the music scene with his latest album, 'Richer Than Money'.

Deejay back on scene with new album

Roxroy McLean, Star Intern

Reggae artiste Jason 'Don Yute' Williams is back on the music scene with his latest studio effort, Richer Than Money, a 13-track album.

The DJ, who burst on the scene in 1993 with Loving Excess, which was recorded on Dave Kelly's Pepper Seed rhythm, expressed full confidence about his self-produced album.

"The mentality and vibes that I am bringing to this album, Richer Than Money, is eternal, because of the words on it," said Williams, who grew up in Port Antonio before moving to Havendale, St Andrew.

Williams, who has been in the music business for 15 years, told THE STAR that he beams whenever someone complements the album.

"It's like crazy, everybody love it and people just glad to see my thing out there," he explained.

The Hardcore lyricist, who was a table tennis star for his former school, Wolmer's Boys, said it is his will for music to continue propelling him on what he described as a "successful career".


"Me done reach already. It's just blooming right now and the more people I see, the more I gather inspiration. And I used those inspiration in my songs," said Williams.

"Music has a big responsibility in Jamaica," he continued. "And the artistes them need to be sure that what they portray is real because the youths look up to them as role models."

Williams' main focus is to promote his new single, No Place In Babylon, for which a video was shot and produced by Veer Dhaniram, who has worked alongside some of the world's top artistes such as Sean Paul, Lil Wayne, Shaggy and 50 Cent.

Williams, whose breakthrough song was You Own The Man, in the 90s, said experience has contributed effectively to his career. However, he said nothing can override the feeling of doing something you love.

"I have worked with so many top artistes, which was good for my career ... but for me to be doing this, as something that I have always loved since a child, is something very special," Williams said.

As for young artistes interested in his record label, Golden Child, Williams warned: "Every youth who a rise feel say people badmind them. The determination and discipline is what should be the most important aspects they should have. It makes no sense an artiste come about with a whole heap of mix up around him," he added.

So does Don Yute see himself winning a Grammy Award in the future? "I don't work for Grammy, as long as it is for the people, I am satisfied. I don't run down fame because I grew up as a humble child and I am very deep," he said.
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- The Jamaican Star

"The Golden Child is Richer Than Money"

The Golden Child is 'Richer Than Money'

By Basil Walters

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Don Yute, the artiste who also goes by the name of his record label, Golden Child, after which his previous album is entitled, comes with a golden message - Richer Than Money.
DON YUTE... what I am trying to do with this Richer Than Money album, is to show people sey life value more than money

According to Don Yute, this, his latest album is aimed at correcting an ingrained materialist worldview.

"We are just here promoting a new mentality. So right now what I am trying to do with this Richer Than Money album, is to show people sey life value more than money," explained Don Yute . The track that is getting the most rotations so far is No Place in Babylon, for which a video produced by Veer Dhaniram, is in the making.

The deejay, best known for his single Dancehall Crazy, says with this Richer Than Money set he is building whole new market to keep afloat the momentum from his Golden Child project which is doing good Japan.

"Right now mi jus a try mek the current hit Jamaica in a firmer way. Working on this Richer Than Money project . dem loving it, all over di place. I am in the streets building a whole new market. Mi gone nearly 20,000 CDs inna di street with mi selling dem hand to hand before they hit the stores," Don Yute told the Observer.

The former Wolmers' table tennis sensation, born Jason Williams, who emerged on the music scene 16 years ago as a dancehall rapper, stresses the philosophical spin around his current venture.

"It feels like the last days of life fi nuff people although the earth is for ever. But right now we have to be getting to the people dem like there's no tomorrow. Because is confusion. And so we affi delete di con and build the fusion," waxed the hardcore lyricist who also made his mark with Love Excess and You Own The Man.

Don Yute disclosed that there are a number of major labels beckoning, but he is no longer interested in an artiste deal. "Right now is really Jamaica," stresses the artiste who once had a deal with Capital Record. "For even though you have major labels looking on me, I really don't want any artiste deal again. It's a label deal, that kind of thing I am searching for. So I'm just giving the people dem what they need, and the vibes looking good already."

The album Richer Than Money also features UB40's Ali Campbell, Jamaica's Ernie Ranglin, and Aston 'Familyman' Barrett, Etana and Da'Ville.

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- The Jamican Observer


No Place in Babylon




WHO: Don Yute (Jason Williams)

MANAGEMENT: GoldenChild Music Group 2009 [Veer Dhaniram]

MUSIC GENRE: Reggae/Dancehall/Hip Hop/R&B [self classified as World Hop]

HITS: “No Place in Babylon” (GoldenChild Music Group, 2009), Golden Child (Formula Records, 2007), No Parental Guidance (Crumbs Recording, 2007), Smoke the Herb (VP Records, Strictly the Best, 2007), Village Ghetto Land(Running Free, Ali Campbell-UB40, 2007),Row da Boat (Capital Records, 2004).

MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS: Havoc (2005), Love Songs(2000)

VIDEO GAMING SOUNDTRACKS: NBA 2005, Gran Theft Auto San Andreas 2005


PREVIOUS PRESS COVERAGE: Vibe Magazine,,,, Complex Magazine, Ozone Magazine Cover,



Don Yute is music's best kept revolutionary. Starting his career in the early 90s rising to unprecedented heights, Don Yute faced serious and life threatening odds. Despite severe adversity, Dancehall’s golden child is on the rise. The time has come to re-introduce you to one of Dancehall’s and the music industry's most remarkable artists. Born Jason Andrew Williams, Don Yute's introduction to the entertainment world is similar to that of his contemporaries: by chance and by being in the right place at the right time. After gaining a reputation for his freestyles, a friend introduced him to Legend Disco. This proved to be just the opportunity that he needed. Don Yute's first single "Murder Me" was released in 1993 for Barry O'Here, which he quickly followed with the successful "Hardcore" and popular "Lovin' Excess", a collaboration with Wayne Wonder. In an industry dominated by "rude yutes" and "bad bwoys", deejay Don Yute emerged on the dancehall scene as a unique figure. Born and raised in a middle class family in St. Andrew, Jamaica, he pursued a dream normally aspired to by young boys in inner city communities. These youths sought dancehalls as a means to escape poverty and depriavation. Don Yute uses his deejay skills to satisfy his need to express his thoughts and release constrained feeling. However, Don Yute’s background makes him no stranger to the struggle or pain for that matter. After landing a deal with Capital Records just about the time Dancehall Crazy became his most popular song, Don Yute headed first to Atlanta and then Miami. It was while in Atlanta that a masked gunman almost took his life. “Boobilous” or The Golden child as he is also called recounts the incident as a dark time in his life and only through God’s graces and the support of his family and friends was he able to make it through. Sufficiently healed physically, mentally and spiritually, Don Yute has put that sordid incident behind and has returned to his old ways and has bounced back more focused and determined than before. After establishing his own Golden Child Label, Don Yute began turning out a slew of self produced singles as well as productions for other established artistes in Mad Cobra, Beenie Man and Spragga Benz. In the United States, Don Yute has recorded with multi-platinum producer Jermaine Dupri (So So Def Records), recording the RIAA certified gold selling singles "Sexiest" and "Hardcore Wuk" for So So Def Bass All Stars compilation CD part 1 and 2. He also worked with the remix masters Lil' Jon and Paul Lewis the Dynamic Duo Tour, Capelton's gold single on Def Jam. Lil Jon has him on the original Move Bitch track on the BIA BIA album, and Ying Yang has him on their set, Me And My Brother. Don Yute describes his unique deejay style as a "steady hip hop bass combined with a seductive dancehall riddim". What he calls "WORLD HOP"! When it comes to performing, he is energetic, driven and focused - he is definitely a hardcore artist. He is not one to limit himself and is known to "ride the riddim" on any music he hears with feeling, passion and appealing originality. His style is all his own and he has a flavor that is at the forefront of much of the music revolution today. He is an outstanding artist and a phenomenal talent. Don Yutes distinctive vocals and unique flow put him in a class all his own.


APRIL 2009, Miami,FL - After a glorious return to the music industry, Jason Williams a.k.a. Don Yute is anticipated to rip up national and international charts with the launch of his new album “Richer Than Money”. The album is expected to make a national launch in the United States in late April.
Don Yute a.k.a. The Golden Child, a Jamaican born artist has risen out of the ashes and stormed back on to the music scene. This artist, after suffering life threatening odds to survive in the music industry has partnered with Trinidadian-born mus