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"Donzelly - NINE FIVE"

Donzelly is a younger cat out of LA, that’s obsessed with Kill Bill, In-N-Out Burger, hanging out with his friends, half nekkid chicks with big ole asses and titites, and rapping. This, in itself, is unremarkable. I’m pretty sure that describes most dudes in California, America and the known universe. What is remarkable, is Donzelly’s new mixtape Nine Five, which takes early 90s West Coast gangster rap and filters it through the atmospherics of early 90s Memphis rap. Songs like “Don’t Do It” and “Banks” are reminiscent of some of Spaceghostpurrp’s weirder and moodier tracks (think “Don’t Get Your Head Bust”) that you could still ride to.

Where a dude like SGP tends to lower his vocals into the beat making a dense fog of whispers and chants, Donzelly raps in a higher pitched attack of syllables that breaks through the smoky beats like a laser sight mounted on a SWAT members automatic assault rifle. His phrasing is somewhere along the family tree of dudes like Bone Thugs, Eminem’s more energetic shit, Schoolboy Q and B-Real, which allows Donzelly to alternate between darting around the beat and just riding it out. On other tracks like “Regrets” and “Defeated” Donzelly unravels tales of gangster shit over tracks that perfectly evoke old west coast slap—so much so, if you weren’t paying attention you might think you were listening to some lost tape from an unknown NWA or Cypress Hills affiliate. That sucks if you thought you had a new card to pull form your old rap nerd hat “oh you never heard this tape, breh? Shits from 92, shit slaps hard”, but it’s awesome if you’re excited to hear what Donzelly can come up with in the future. - www://

"Donzelly | NINE FIVE"

Donzelly is a young rapper out of Long Beach who stands out of the pack not only for his amazing ear for beats but his aggressive approach to tracks. An approach reminiscent of a pitbull locked in a cage finally seeing food for the first time in weeks. To say that Donzelly is a product of his California roots would be an extreme understatement. If your not able to come to this conclusion, then it means two things. Either youve been under a rock for approximately the last 25 years or you’re the proud owner of an extra chromosome. Nevertheless the only way to even come close to describing Donzelley would to dub him as the mysterious lovechild of Eazy E and Schoolboy Q. An interesting fact about Donzelley is that he named the tape Nine Five because of the fact he never wanted to a work a Nine to Five. This type of attitude only acts as a kerosene added to the blaze he strikes up on each song. - www://

"Donzelly – “Cheetah”"

You gotta respect the youngsters that are out here keepin’ it original for their coast. Today I want to introduce you to Donzelly, a sixteen year old rapper out of California who is striving to get by through his music. What stands out about Donzelly is his laid back/ cool West Coast rhyming style, its nostalgic and modern at the same time. He has just put out his debut mixtape “NINE FIVE”, by the beat selection and his rhyming style you would think that the tape is an ode to that era, nope. It’s all about him getting by and the numbers are kind of symbolic in his story.
” I was born in 95, so I named it after nine five. But it’s more to it than that. Only reason I rap is so I won’t have to work a regular boring ass nine to five. Oh and shit, I had to record my whole tape in 1 night because the files fucked up. So I started at 12, finished around 3, went home got 2hrs of sleep and woke up for school at 5.”- Donzelly
Below is his second single “Cheetah” off of the NINE FIVE mixtape, you can download it below after the video, enjoy. - www://

"Donzelly Ft. Khmer Tay – “SWANG”"

West coast young’n Donzelly presents his new video single “SWANG” featuring Khmer Tay. This joint has a beat with an annoying sample that will get stuck in your head for hours after hearing this, you’ll find yourself coming back to this page bouncing to it. What I like the most about Donzelly is his aura, when I see him I see a young Ice Cube. There aren’t too many rappers from the West that have that gutta/old school aura still. - www://


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