Donzilla Don Tjernagel

Donzilla Don Tjernagel

 Waterloo, Iowa, USA
BandComedySpoken Word

Donzilla become the youngest comic to ever have his own show on the Las Vegas Strip. It was called Sin City Standup, and he performed it at The Bourbon Street Hotel, The Las Vegas Hilton, and The Monte Carlo.


Don Tjernagel received the nickname “Donzilla” while filming for Comedy Central in Phoenix, AZ. You see, Donzilla is a big man. The director said that it looked like “Donzilla was going to destroy Phoenix when he came on camera!”

Don Tjernagel moved to Las Vegas after suffering a serious injury during spring football practice at the University of Northern Iowa. He finished his degree at the cheapest school he could find. On a whim one night in 1997, Donzilla tried stand-up comedy for the first time. He really just wanted to get a free Latté at the coffee house open mic night.

Donzilla was quickly a hit with the locals, and he was asked to perform a lounge show in the Casino Royale Volcano Lounge. They call it the Volcano Lounge because it was directly across the street from the Mirage. You could have a drink and have a perfect view of the volcano erupting.


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