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The music is lyrical, charsmatic, infectious and innovative, with a strong spiritual root. You can not compare Dookati with the current artists, he resides in a lane of his own.


Nearly killing his mother in a car accident at the age of three, and being struck by lightning. Andy Dooley aka Dookati, has been through a lot of test and trials in his life. Ohio native, raised by a father in the (military/minister), mother from Trinidad and Tobago. Dookati started a buzz in college stemming from his poetic skills to performing in talent shows, different churches and Universities and won his University's version of American Idol. Dookati's intense presence on stage stems from his athletics as a college football & basketball player. (Miami of Ohio and Wittenberg University)
A very strong minded, ambitious worker bringing a new angle to the Hip-Hop game called Urban Inspirational, with a positive message that will raise eye brows and crossover to all cultures. He is lyrical, charsmatic and innovative. He wants to show everyone there is another side of music that needs to be heard because life is too short and when you're gone; where will you end up? It's ok to take that path less traveled before.
It's time to take a stand! Dookati's music is starting to sweep across the country. If you don't know who Dookati is, you will soon!


First mixtape released is called Mind Provoker and his latest Mixtape release is called The Pursuit of Happiness

Set List

Dookati Mayne
Shallow Music
True Story
R U A Soldier
Oo Wee
To the Moon