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Brisbane, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Brisbane, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Electronic Indie




"Introducing Doolie and her brooding new single: 2:20 feat. Charlie Threads"

Introducing Doolie and her brooding new single, 2:20 feat. Charlie Threads

Having popped up on tracks by Paces and POOLCLVB in the past, Doolie's second single is the perfect intro to an artist on the rise.
By Hayden Davies

20-year-old Queensland singer Doolie is someone we've featured a couple of times before, but mostly in collaboration mode. Over the years, she's guest-featured on tracks by Paces and POOLCLVB and worked with plenty more, finding her footing as an artist-on-the-rise that with 2:20, the musician's second single and first for two years, feels fully fleshed out.

Featuring rising musician and Australian hip-hop star-on-the-rise Charlie Threads, 2:20 is a brooding R&B single that swells with this thick, electronic backbone, with dark synth melodies and dense bass kicks uniting underneath Doolie's vocal, which glides with this almost-Teyana Taylor-esque sense of self-confidence and sensuality. Charlie Threads' guest verse further adds to the single's hip-hop/R&B edge, deepening the track's sound and creating quite a genre-varying, multi-faceted track which serves the perfect introduction to an artist bound to dominate in 2019 and beyond. "2:20 is about being on the same page as somebody who you like and who likes you back," says Doolie on the single, before Charlie Threads chimes in: "2:20 for me had me hooked for real. I really knew where it could go when I heard the demo. Doolie is so fire, that voice bro! Everybody relates to missing someone; I guess we equally tapped into that. This was also an opportunity for me to showcase the fact I’m really not ‘just a rapper’, I’m multi-layered and I’m glad Doolie and her team saw that and got me on the joint, we got another one!"

Tell us about yourself?

Hi, my name is ACTUALLY Doolie (not Julie or Dolly), I’m 20 years old and obsessed with reptiles. I don’t know what I love more about music, the writing or the performing. But I’ve always known it’s what I wanted to do with my life.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

Moody affff. I’m a sucker for a good melody; I love writing songs that people can relate to – writing about the emotions that we all feel ashamed to feel sometimes.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Every song is super different. Sometimes I write lyrics and a melody and bring it to the session. Sometimes it’s a track a producer’s sent up without any melody and I write on top of that. And sometimes the producer and I both start from nothing and build the song together during the session.

Can you tell us about your new single, 2:20?

I’m so lucky to have worked with the talented people I have for this track. This song talks about those late night feels of wanting to be with someone who wants to be with you — and just being a lil needy haha. GXNXVS’s production and Charlie’s verse really helped with setting the mood for those feels.

Any tour dates coming up?

Nothing planned yet, but I absolutely love performing so I can’t wait to get on stage and perform some of my new material. Plus I love doing guest performances like I did with LO’99 at Splendour. I’ll keep ya posted.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

I’ve got a bunch of new music that I’ve been working on and will be released throughout this year. I do really want to keep writing and doing collaborative work with other artists and producers. I love an excuse to get on stage!

Where can we find more of your music?

All the usual platforms; Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud and Unearthed! - Pilerats

"The Future Face of Australian Pop"

Doolie Interview - The Future Face of Australian Pop

We’ve been fans of Sunshine Coast’s Doolie for some time now. Recently the rising pop star released ‘2:20’ featuring Charlie Threads and signed to leading independent label, etcetc. We caught up with Doolie to see what’s been happening in her life, to talk about ‘2:20’, her recent signing and the future of the project.

Futuremag Music: Hey Doolie, how's life treating you?

Doolie: Hey hey! Life has been so amazing but so hard trying to keep everything to myself! Now I finally get to share the first little bit with my new single.

Futuremag Music: Could you talk us through your musical journey so far?

Doolie: Over the past year I’ve met some incredible people, have had some amazing opportunities – I never thought I would have the chance to sing at Splendour or Falls this early in my career. The past year has been a dream. I also never thought I would be so lucky to be signed to such an amazing label; etcetc are so great and I love them. Can’t wait to see where this journey goes!

Futuremag Music: Could you outline the writing and production process for '2:20'? How did you loop up with Charlie Threads and GXNXVS? What was it like working with collaborators?

Doolie: This song was one of those situations where GXNXVS and I both started from nothing and wrote alongside each other. It was such an incredible session because neither of us had met before and we were so open minded. We just clicked and it formed so naturally - we smashed the whole song in one day!

Once we finished the song we realised it needed something else, and that’s when the idea of involving a rapper came about and we found Charlie Threads. His versatile style was what really captured me and he really understood what I was trying to say. His verse complemented my lyrics and was such a nice contrast in the song. They’re both such amazing dudes, I’ve been so privileged to work with them.

Doolie press shot.jpg

Futuremag Music: Can you outline your signing to etcetc? What does it mean to have label support behind you?

Doolie: After I released ‘KØLD’, the label reached out to me wanting to have a catch up at BIGSOUND. The past year has been getting to know each other and how we both work. They were the ones who linked me up with PACES and POOLCLVB.

Futuremag Music: What does it meant to have label support?

Doolie: Basically… guidance haha. These guys know what they’re doing. It was a big guessing game before etcetc; we kept working and we couldn’t see the outcome, so when they came along it all started to come together. There’s always that fear of stepping into the unknown as an independent artist, but now I’m surrounded by a team who genuinely share my dream and give me so much support. It’s amazing!

Futuremag Music: What does the future hold for the Doolie project? What are some goals for the rest of 2019 and into 2020?

Doolie: Gigs, gigs and more gigs! I guess the ultimate dream is to have a room full of people connecting and singing your songs. Whether it’s guest appearances or my own shows. Lots of writing and especially collaborative work. And just sharing, like I said this is only the first little bit! - FutureMagMusic

"Live Review & The Big Pineapple - Woombye"

Live Review || The Big Pineapple Festival @ Woombye
Thousands of punters made their way to The Big Pineapple Festival on Saturday and despite heavy rain on the Sunshine Coast the night before, the sun was shining, the wind was refreshing and the festival outfits were on point. Hosting a lineup of incredible bands such as Dune Rates, Illy, Violent Soho and The Preatures it was destined to be a fantastic day and it sure was.

I was at the festival pretty early and I wasn’t sure who to see so I took a seat at the Pineapple Express stage to watch electro-pop princess Doolie. I was immediately sucked into her performance by her beautiful voice and trance like tunes so I ended up staying for her entire set. Playing songs such as Exhale and KØLD, Doolie sung her heart out hitting impossible notes and drawing in every punter who came out to see her. She was electric yet relaxed, emotional yet soothing, I couldn’t look away and I didn’t want to. Doolie performed like a seasoned pro and I guarantee we will be seeing bigger things from her really soon.

I had been waiting for years to see Rockhampton 3 piece Pandamic and they did not disappoint. Their infectious indie surf rock sound had the crowd leaping around and singing at the top of their lungs right from the start of their set. Playing tracks such as Sandy and Scumbag showcased their talent for both fast paced heavy rock tracks and slow indie ballads. With the sun warming up our backs and people flocking down the hill, Pandamic put on the perfect early afternoon set on the triple j stage. The boys rocked out like there was no tomorrow, their music gave off a relaxed vibe but the way they played was very powerful and addictive. Popular singles such as SAM and Heck sent hands flying up to the sky in worship as the crowd sung along closing their set on a high.

It was my first time seeing Hobo Magic live and its hard to put into words what I experienced because it was like they transported me to another world. It was as if the air was suddenly made with alcohol, eyeliner and cigarettes because their psychedelic infused rock tunes started to make me feel high. The newly formed 3 piece have been taking the music world by storm and from the show they gave us at Big Pineapple Festival it’s clear why everyone loves them. Every member showcased such raw and untouched talent, they played every note as if it may be their last throwing their bodies on the line in the name of rock! Playing tracks such as The Holy Riff, Hobo Magic and Lady Of The Groove the crowd was memorised, there wasn’t a still body around. Heads were bobbing, fans were moshing, it was a full on out of body experience that has left me hungry for more.

The start of Allday’s set was rough. He managed to play an entire song with his mic off, but because he could hear himself through the foldbacks he didn’t realise we couldn’t hear him. By the second song the sound was finally sorted (it definitely took way to long to fix) and Allday continued through his set like nothing had even happened. Smashing through single Sides with the whole crowd getting behind him Allday leapt around the stage throwing his body to the beat and his heart into the rhymes he was spitting. Classic tracks such as Claude Monet and You Always Know The DJ were definitely crowd favourites and everyone went wild when Allday brought out female emcee Mallrat for single Baby Spiders. So despite a rocky start Allday did well to recover and he gave everything he had into his performance regardless of its set backs.

Gold Coast kings of surf rock Dune Rats will never grow up and there will never be a time where I miss seeing them perform, even now when I have seen them at least 8 times before. Their insane energy on stage and all round good guy vibe makes for some of the funniest and most exciting live performances I’ve seen to date. With people flooding from all angles the crowd quickly turned into a massive mosh of screaming, singing and head bobbing fans that new every word to every song off my heart. Ripping into singles 6 Pack and Fuck It the Dunies played tighter than ever before. Buzz-Kill, Never Gonna Get High, Superman, Red Light Green Light, the list goes on. Track after track the energy from both the crowd and the band kept building until everyone near on exploded when the boys whipped into single Scott Green. There is something about Danny, Brett and BC that lights a musical fire that most bands could only dream of creating, and they do it effortlessly. Watching the Dune Rats is like being initiated into a frat party for musicians, you become apart of a family and what a bloody family it is.

Even though Illy hasn’t released any new music lately I was still pumped to catch him live. I had seen Illy perform multiple times before but this show was by far the best I’ve ever seen. Illy was completely on top of his game, taking the stage and making it his and the crowd was following his every move. You can’t help but sing along to singles such as One For The City and Youngbloods but to be honest Illy could have played Jingle Bell Rock from start to finish and the crowd would have still been glued to him. With the audience on high alert Illy smashed through singles such as his triple j like a version, Oh My ft. Jenna Mcdougall, On & On and the classic Swear Jar. Making his way from one side of the stage to the other Illy threw his arms around in time with the beat as he leapt metres in the air. You would think he would of been exhausted but not one note or lyric was out of time and not one second of his performance lacked energy. Starting his signature “Say Hell Yeah'” chant Illy got the crowd involved before transitioning into fan favourites Catch 22 and Papercuts. He also treated the fans to his cover of single High by Peking Duk where he raps over the verses and then lets the explosive electro chorus take over. Illy was definitely the highlight of the day due to his energy and all round passionate performance, it was flawless.

Another band that I have seen several times before is Brisbane grunge rockers Violent Soho. But with lead singer Luke’s raspy vocals, Luke the bassists continuous hair flicks and Michael and James’s unruly high energy you have an act that no matter how many times you see them will never get old. Playing all of their hits such as Jesus Stole My Girlfriend, Dope Calypso, Saramona Says and a whole heap more, Soho had the crowd wrapped around their little finger and there was no way they were going to let that go. The biggest surprise of them all is when Soho debuted a brand new single called Pick It Up Again, the first new content fans have heard from the band since they released ‘WACO’ in 2016. For the duration of their set fans sung at the top of their lungs, there wasn’t a song they didn’t know or a track they couldn’t rock out to. The boys finished their set with most popular single Covered In Chrome and other fan favourite OK Catherdral. The boys played tighter than ever and after a well needed and deserved break for a few months the boys smashed their Big Pineapple set just like every time before.

All round the festival was an absolute breeze. Numbers were the perfect amount, the lineup was sick, the weather was awesome and the festival/stage layout was easy and smooth to navigate. My only complaint was how little toilets they had per person. Wait time was ridiculous and with no one maintaining them there was no toilet paper and half of them were so full they could no longer be flushed. Besides that everything else was killer including the free ferris wheel, the tasty coffee, the sick beats and the relaxed atmosphere. Here’s to next year Pineys! - Yeah, But Seriously Though

"Big Pineapple Music Festival 2018 - A Plethora of Sensational Talent"

Over the weekend, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast was awash with avid music devotees for this year’s Big Pineapple festival. With a chock a block lineup of sensational talent, including favourites Kilter and Crooked Colours, it was no surprise that the festival sold out. I was lucky enough to witness a plethora of breakout starts and emerging artists.

Opening the festival this year was Sunshine Coast (via Gold Coast) local, Doolie who mesmerised the audience with her crisp vocals and electrifying pop. It was the perfect introduction for the unreal day ahead. Releases with PACES and POOLCLVB , along with superb singles ‘KØLD’, and ‘Pristine’, the artist is developing an impressive repertoire and rising in the scene.

Following Doolie was another local legend, Imbi the Girl whose set abounded with twinkling and angelic pop. Her live rendition of ‘You See me’, a song she collaborated with producer Oh Boy was a highlight! Imbi the Girl is another talented artist to watch. Maddy Jane and Kim Churchill maintained the crisp, feel good vibe. Maddy Jane showcased her bold indie rock with a raw charm, whilst Kim Churchill delivered a more stripped back set showcasing his strong vocal abilities.

Northeast Party House, one of my favourite Australian acts, delivered a tight set infused with vigorous vocals and a sprightly semblance. The band treated fans to favourites such as, ‘The Haunted’ and ‘Calypso Beach’! Northeast Party House can be described as nothing short of Australia’s answer to Brockhampton.

Moody Beach, an artist who I’ve been exciting to see live since the release of her debut EP last year, delivered a highly charismatic performance. What stood out from Moody Beach’s glittering set was her animated aura that promenaded her mesmerising, moody pop. Not long after, Perth trio Crooked Colours geared up with their ambient disco hybrid. Kilter followed suit with a high energy set. Kilter wasted no time with ambitious drum solos and a surprise re-appearance of Doolie, who deliver and even stronger vocal energy!

Closing my night was Perth tastemakers SLUMBERJACK, who despite the pouring rain pulled together a set with unbelievable vigour! The pair channelled their stout sound and boisterous bass, building upon Crooked Colours and Kilter’s charisma.

2018’s Big Pineapple festival left me with no doubt in mind that rain or shine, I’ll be back next year! - FutureMagMusic

"POOLCLVB - Freefall (Feat. Doolie)"

Sydney groover POOLCLVB just dropped a buoyant new single featuring up and coming sensation, Doolie. 'Freefall' is the perfect summer wrap up tune, and a warm welcome to autumn.

POOLCLVB's lavish summer track is filled to the brim with stylish synths, vivacious vocals and bubbly beats forming a contemporary composition. 'Freefall' flaunts perky percussion and spunky synthetic melodies that play with Doolie's kinetic topline. The diverse layering of vocal stems add a mystifying element to the melodies, launching the single into another realm. I'd love to boogie to 'Freefall' at a Sunday session, festival mosh or beach party.

Even though summer is ending, at least we have 'Freefall'. POOLCLVB and Doolie blew me away with this one, I can't wait to hear what else the pair has in store for us. - FutureMagMusic

"'Banger Or Nah' With Vera Blue"

"The fact that I'm never going to forget this song kinda makes it a banger."

Ya girl Vera Blue dropped by to give her thoughts on some up and coming artists, and it turns out she's pretty tough to impress. -

"Doolie - A Force To Be Reckoned With"

Doolie - A Force To Be Reckoned With

If you haven't heard of Doolie, you will very soon. The emerging artist has a plethora of a-grade singles under her belt, and an electrifying future ahead of her. I had the opportunity to see this up and coming performer at Miami Marketta on Friday.

Doolie's confident, and upbeat persona, illuminated the stage. Her strong magnetic presence was supported by her drummer, and sister on back up vocals. Her show morphed the brooding sounds of BANKS, with the sass of Billie Eilish, and energetic vibrance of Sigrid, formulating an exceedingly entertaining set. Doolie has her own unique style that captivated the audience.

The live performance of her single 'KØLD' was enchanting. The textured production, and provocative vocals emanated from the stage, expressing a sense of intimacy with the audience. These mellow vibes were soon replaced by the exuberance of 'Pristine'. The single is the perfect sass song boasting infectious production, vivacious vocals, and of course attitude. Doolie also teased a few unreleased tracks in her impeccable performance.

Doolie is an animated artist who is well on her way to rising the ranks of the scene. I can't wait to see where this pop star goes next! - FutureMagMusic

"Doolie shares captivating new video for Exhale"

After picking up a Queensland Music Award this year, we knew teenager DOOLIE was set for big things. Now, even though she’s still in high school, she’s delivered. Releasing today a stunning new video for her latest single, “Exhale”, DOOLIE lets us in and by doing so, shows everyone what she’s made of.

Stunningly vulnerable and intimate, “Exhale” shows a maturity well past her young years. A tender love song, this single evokes warmth and calm whilst reeling you in with her captivating voice. Fittingly, her new accompanying visuals are equally stunning, with intimate close ups of DOOLIE whilst she dances by calm water and silhouettes dancing to the music.

Following on from her award winning single, “Pristine”, this latest single puts DOOLIE in a league of her own. Her alt-pop style is natural and organic, and she breathes fresh life into a genre that can be oversaturated at times. It’s refreshing to say the least, and we’re so excited to see what she does next!

Words by Emma Jones. - Purple Sneakers


Ever feel like you wasted your late teens when artists like Bieber and Lorde come out of nowhere with some incredible music? Well it’s now time to add Brisbane’s Doolie to the ever-growing list of wunderkind musos. The teenage singer-songwriter, and self confessed ‘mover’ rather than ‘dancer’, has been kicking plenty of goals before starting her uni degree this year, including winning a Queensland Music Award for her killer single Pristine. We asked the rising artist how she feels about her career so far and what her favourite tracks were of 2016.

Congratulations on your 2016 QMA win for Pristine! How incredible is winning such a prestigious award as such an early stage in your career?
Thanks! It was something I didn’t expect to win, let alone be nominated in two categories: Schools and the People’s Choice Most Promising Female songwriter. But having won and that as part of my music career bio is an awesome thing, people realise it’s a bit of a big deal. From it, I have established a band, developed (and keep developing) a show, and somehow pulled a big name in the film industry to shoot my first music video. I’m pretty happy with that!

There’s a live video of Pristine on your Youtube channel, which shows you having a bit of fun onstage. What’s your favourite dance move to pull while performing?

I do love to perform and I sure have fun, but um… when you say ‘dance’ that scares mee. I’m so uncoordinated when it comes to dancing, let’s move on!

Your more recent single Exhale is a touch slower and mellow compared to Pristine. Do you prefer writing upbeat tunes or creating more of an ambience with your music?

I love both upbeat and mellow tunes. Exhale (like all of my songs) started out as an acoustic guitar based song with more verses, a different bridge and slightly different chorus. But I am currently working on a couple of bangers, which are great in the live sense because people get moving. I like to leave the funky dance moves to the audience!

Exhale was drastically changed in structure once you hit the studio, what influenced you to re-work the song?

From its original version to going in to the studio and working with my producer (Elliot Heinrich), I play around with sounds and arrangements and what I feel best matches the lyrics, or what the song is about (a funky love song). With Elliot’s tech input, I let the song take its course as well as to make it more radio-ready I suppose.

You’re being hailed as one of the Australia’s most promising young songwriters, which musicians do you look up to for inspiration or guidance?

I really look up to George Maple. The way she looks, performs, sings, and writes, she’s got the whole thing going on… she’s just awesome and would love to meet her!! I also really like other artists like Banks, London Grammar, as well as old favourites like the Red Hot Chili Peppers because Anthony Kiedis rocks!

You had such an incredible 2016, what’s the plan for Doolie in 2017? Is a debut album on the cards?

I start uni this year which is exciting, especially to know that I will be in a place with like-minded people and no longer have to do maths! An EP/debut album keeps popping up in conversations and it is definitely one of my next big goals, as I have a bunch of songs on the go, that I’m keen to get out there and share with everybody.

Lastly, considering it’s been Australia Day, what were your favourite songs of 2016?

That’s hard, right now I think of Childish Gambino’s Redbone, and of course George Maples’ Sticks and Horses, but Sofi Tukker’s Drinky is so catchy, that’s one song that I do move to… you could call it dancing! - AAA Backstage

"DOOLIE @ The Milk Factory Review"

The Milk Factory’s cosy comforts and intimate stage set-up suited Doolie’s single launch to a tee on Saturday (28 January); she saturated the small space with sweet, textured vocals that rival Emma Louise’s.

Support act Tay Oskee performed prior, bringing with him an unrelenting fan base, his multi-instrumentalist talent and a handful of stirring tracks that featured on his stunning 2016 EP, ‘Shelter’.

Despite being a third-time audience member at an Oskee gig, his uncanny ability to consume and captivate his listeners never wavers; while several were dancing and singing-along, everybody in earshot was totally transfixed.

Folk may be a genre arguably tougher than most to break into, although Oskee is armed with natural-born talent and songwriting skills that reflect strengths musically, lyrically and vocally, rather than being steered by one dominant component.

Most importantly, however, he possesses an emotion-tugging edge that separates his work from your standard, easy listening, simplistic, plucking riffs and softly-sung verses.

Despite your background, your age or your preferences in music, his songs have a way of reaching out and triggering a response; whether joy, nostalgia, sorrow or exhilaration, what’s notable is that they all make you feel something.

‘That Place’ closed the set on a high note, showcasing Oskee’s impressive vocal range and poetic lyricism, although ‘Shelter’ is another noteworthy track, fusing a number of different elements and frequently changing tempo and keys to produce an extremely mesmerising piece of music.

Doolie’s nerves were visually palpable though audibly impossible to notice; her pure, lilting vocals are far more mature than you’d expect of an artist so young and seemed to take the crowd by surprise as she stood and took the microphone.

As an artist only scratching the surface of her impending music career, she’s already discovered and developed a discernible ‘Doolie’ sound; rather than experimenting or uncertainly dipping her toes into a different genres, she has instead found her strengths and hit the ground running with them.

Her atmospheric-pop music is embedded with rich harmonies, heavy percussion and an all-round alternative flare, straying far from any predictable pop song structure. Both ‘P R I S T I N E’ and new single ‘Exhale’ are comparable to works artists such as Ngariie, and most definitely Emma Louise, certain to complement each other nicely alongside a neat collection of tracks on what’s sure to be a future EP in the works.

Granted, at first she appeared uncertain standing before the crowd, glancing tentatively between audience members while slowly easing into a comfortable stance on stage, although it’s easy to forget how young she is with a voice so exceptionally refined.

The low-key gig proved the perfect platform for Doolie to showcase her talents, all while undoubtedly acting as an encouraging, non-daunting opportunity for the artist to hone in on her skills performing in front of what’s sure soon to be a thriving fan base. - Scenestr

"7 Things you don't know about teenage songstress Doolie"

She’s taken out a Queensland Music Award, won an ACS QLD Gold Award and played local music festivals, but Brisbane pop songstress Doolie is only just getting started. Accomplishing all of these things in her final year of high school last year, Doolie’s ready to up the ante on her music career now that she’s free from the 9 to 3 grind.

Kicking off 2017 with a suave tour for her latest single Exhale, we asked her to share some fun facts about herself that many people don’t know. Here’s what we learned about one of Brisbane’s most promising rising stars…


I love dumplings! I’m a massive fan of Asian cuisine, it’s my ‘go to’ food when I’m out and about, instead of getting a Happy Meal from Maccas, I get myself some gyoza, (preferably pork), edamame and miso soup and dumplings are like my Scooby Snax!
I don’t think I ever did a full week of Year 12. I was always more interested in my music instead of school. I appreciated all the support that was given to me by my teachers and friends, but I knew I wasn’t in the right environment and that meant that I had to put school before music a lot of the time which I hated – I couldn’t wait to leave and immerse myself in my music.

I live with Type 1 Diabetes. This is a condition I have lived with since I was six years old. It’s pretty relentless because you can never have a ‘day off’ managing sugar levels. When I perform or in the studio for the day, I make sure that I have fuelled up and have plenty of supplies to keep my levels in the zone. I also make sure that people with me know what to do if I have a hypo.


I love dumplings! I’m a massive fan of Asian cuisine, it’s my ‘go to’ food when I’m out and about, instead of getting a Happy Meal from Maccas, I get myself some gyoza, (preferably pork), edamame and miso soup and dumplings are like my Scooby Snax!

I don’t think I ever did a full week of Year 12. I was always more interested in my music instead of school. I appreciated all the support that was given to me by my teachers and friends, but I knew I wasn’t in the right environment and that meant that I had to put school before music a lot of the time which I hated – I couldn’t wait to leave and immerse myself in my music.

I live with Type 1 Diabetes. This is a condition I have lived with since I was six years old. It’s pretty relentless because you can never have a ‘day off’ managing sugar levels. When I perform or in the studio for the day, I make sure that I have fuelled up and have plenty of supplies to keep my levels in the zone. I also make sure that people with me know what to do if I have a hypo.

I taught my dog ‘Ockie’ to sing – he is so cute and clever! It started when I was playing piano working on a song a while back and he sat beside me and started to chime in. So, I thought, I can work with this and now he sings on command.

I have a massive fear of caterpillars and off-milk. I don’t know why but they have always creeped me out, big or small. And milk, if it’s close to its use by date – I can’t touch it, we’re not friends!

I’m a big Disney princess fan – Pocahontis, Belle and Ariel. I have watched these movies a thousand times over and used to love dressing up as them, singing away in my own Disney world.

I’ve never had a job besides being a musician. Music is a big part of me and has been since I was really young. I started singing classes when I was four years old at the Johnny Young Talent School as well as tap dancing at Miss Lou’s Lou’s in Melbourne – it’s pretty clear that singing is my thing (you don’t see me tap dancing anywhere!!).

For a night full of glitter, power vocals, new tunes and a damn good time, grab tickets to the last show of Doolie’s Exhale Tour this Saturday, 4 February at The Basement (Nambour). All event information HERE. - Music Is My Muse

"Media Release - Doolie follows QMusic Award win with announcement of new single 'Exhale'"


Teenage songstress Doolie’s alternative pop voice has created a stir after her win at the 2016 Queensland Music Awards for her song ‘Pristine’. Not wasting any time, Doolie returns with brand new single ‘Exhale’ which flaunts her lavish vocals with world-class production, and unveils her as one of the most promising young songwriters today.

Her rich vocals and knack for writing creative lyrics with big pop hooks caught the attention of Sunshine Coast Producer Elliot Heinrich (AYLA, Battleships, Pop Cult, Tempesst) who helped develop Doolie’s sound.

With the aid of Elliot Heinrich, ‘Exhale’ changed significantly during the recording process as Doolie explains: “I took out the bridge and replaced a whole chorus, changed if from a soft ballad to a funky love song. I could not be happier with my decision and working with Elliot Heindrich was great.”

After recording the song with producer Elliot Heinrich at Heliports Studios on the Sunshine Coast, the song then went off to be mastered by Sterling Sound in New York. The song follow’s on from Pristine’s pop sensibilities while incorporating a bit more of an anthemic sound. The instrumentation explores electronic elements that sit as the perfect accompaniment to Doolie’s wide vocal range and versatile harmonies.

Carving her own niche in the music scene with her commanding vocals at venues all over the Sunshine Coast and advancing southwards to Brisbane and Gold Coast venues, her QMA award-winning song; ‘Pristine’ affirms her talent as a songwriter and soloist that is garnering recognition with every sign of a continuing rise.

Bookings / Media enquiries:
Contact: Nina Shadforth / 0419 766 654
*Images available on request* - Self


Do you have any passions other than music?
Other than writing songs and performing, I’m hooked on conspiracy theory shows and true crime stories! I love animals too – I miss my dog so much. When I visit home, I take him out and hang out with him.

What inspires the electronic sound that you use in your music?
I love experimenting with different sounds and playing around with synth and apps and its really cool to create/find sounds to emotions and have that come across in my songs.

What was the first song you fell in love with?
Would have to be without a doubt, (pardon the pun!) No Doubts’s ‘It’s my life’ I just love that song.

When you first started music, did the people around you take your passion seriously?
I did a lot of busking and playing in dodgy bars (mum & dad were always there) in my early teens, and people would always come up to me after a song and tell me how much they loved my voice. I can’t tell you how many times people would say I should go on those talent shows! Once I started singing in the local big band – we played at festivals – I was 13 and that’s when people started to take notice. So from there, you get the idea that it’s worth doing. Since I was very young, I always knew what I wanted to do, sing, perform and write songs. It also took a while to convince the rest of m family that being a musician is a real job, but I stuck it out and they accept it now.

What did your family do to encourage you?
When my mum was told by my year one teacher, that I could sing, that’s when they started to send me to singing and dancing classes and it just progressed from there. I’d be asked to sing at school assemblies all the time. They have been so supportive, and have been the roadies at almost every gig that I have done since I was about 13. They are still with me supporting me the whole way, I love them to bits!

What top 3 pop sensations have inspired you and your music?
That’s hard to narrow it down to three: there’s so many artists out there that I listen to all the time, but I guess my top three would be Syd tha Kid, George Maple and Banks.

How important would you say your image is to your music?
I take the image part really seriously as my live performance is about the entire show. I have worked hard to create my own sound and style, so the outfits that I wear on stage have to propel the ‘vibe’. I have just started introducing dancers on stage to bring about more impact to the songs and the on-stage visuals. And I think it also appeals to my audience too.

Who would you most love to open for?
Definitely The XX, to open for All Day would be pretty cool too

What advice do you have on songwriting for young upcoming writers?
It is important to write down everything that pops in to your mind. I always do, even if I just use the voice recording app on my phone, whatever you have on hand to note an idea, chorus, melody or chords, and one thing that l’ve learnt, is to create songs that everyone can relate to and that’s what makes a good song.

Do you think you will experiment with other genres in future?
If so which genre would you love to explore? Quite possibly, but who knows, you never know what is around the corner! If anything, I’d experiment with jazz, something a bit sassy – I sang lead vocals with a big band for a few years while I was in high-school and really enjoyed that. - THE PARtAE


Single releases:

'2:20 (feat. Charlie Threads)', 2019

'KOLD', 2017   
'PRISTINE', 2016
'EXHALE', 2016

Video releases:

'KOLD', 2017  
'EXHALE', 2016




Blending pop, R&B and electronica, 20-year-old Queensland singer-songwriter DOOLIE (Doolie Shadforth) is riding high after an extraordinary 2018 featuring on releases from Paces (‘Don’t Run’) and POOLCLVB (‘Freefall’), and performing live at festivals like Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival and Big Pineapple. 

Since establishing her recordings career at the age of 17, DOOLIE has proven to be a great songwriter, a powerful performer, and an obvious talent with a bright future. 2019 sees her debut release on etcetc with ‘2:20’, a song co-written with Melbourne producer GXNXVS (Lastlings, Banoffee, OKBADLANDS) and featuring Melbourne rapper Charlie Threads. '2:20' is the first taste of new music from DOOLIE since her 2017 single 'KØLD', which saw support from triple jtriple j Unearthed and Rage.

‘Doolie's striding into 2019 with a sense of purpose and a signal of intent with 2:20…’ (Tommy Faith, Triple J)

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