Doolin’ happens to be currently one of the most innovative traditionnal irish music band in Europe.


Created in 2005 in Toulouse, Doolin’ is composed by 6 talented and eclectic musicians, who, although French, are putting a new slant on Irish music. The sextet mixes the purest tradition with a contemporary set, instrumentals and songs.
The arrangements give off a jazzy energy, sometimes folk, even funky; that is DOOLIN’s invention : the French Touched Irish Music !


- "Exile" (2011) – Believe
- "Angels are Free" (2009) – Believe
- "Popcorn Behaviour" (2006 - Keltia)

Set List

Tempest / Tom Ward’s Downfall / Love At The Endings (traditionnels, arrgt. DOOLIN') - 3'40
Gisele’s Mazurka (comp. Nicolas Besse, arrgt. DOOLIN') - 3'00
Polkamix (comp. Jacob Fournel, arrgt. DOOLIN') - 2'30
The Fun Fair Polka (comp. Wilfried Besse, arrgt. DOOLIN') - 2'30
Out On The Ocean (trad., arrgt. DOOLIN') - 1'10
Creamer’s / New Mown Meadow (trad., arrgt. DOOLIN') - 2'20
Garrevaque’s Jig (comp. Guilhem Cavaillé, arrgt. DOOLIN') - 2'30
Desert Rock (comp. Wilfried Besse, arrgt. DOOLIN') – 3'50
Trip To Gurteen (comp. Jacob Fournel, arrgt. DOOLIN') - 2'30
Adele’s Bath (comp. Jacob Fournel, arrgt. DOOLIN') – 2'30
The Exotic Polka / Coyboys & Angels / Woody Woodpolka (comp. Wilfried Besse, arrgt. DOOLIN') - 4'00
Eileen Curran (trad., arrgt. DOOLIN') - 1'00
Pressed For time (comp. Gordon Duncan, arrgt. DOOLIN') - 1'00
High Reel (trad., arrgt. DOOLIN') - 1'00
Humours Of Whiskey (trad., arrgt. DOOLIN') -1'00
Peter Murphy’s (trad., arrgt. DOOLIN') 1'00
Elephant's Reel (comp.