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Delirium Tremens Abducted the Remixes Liquid Sky Music

Never Again Word Sound Compilation Word Sound

24/7 (Artful Dodger) Doomer Remix unreleased

I wake up Doomer unreleased

Mix Tape Anthology

DJ Doomer Twice Side A: Drum & Bass
Side B: Electro/Breaks

DJ Doomer Doomer Side A: Drum & Bass
Side B: Breaks / 2 -Step

DJ Doomer & Spy VS. Spy Drum & Bass
DJ Vandal

*Currently working on a Electro Mix CD for Statra Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Doomer, the alter ego of Sara Matarazzo, roams the post-apocolyptic
soundscape of breakbeat dance music. Her powers began to develop upon her
flight from the ashes of suburban New Jersey to the city blocks of New York.
Her start in the music industry began at Bill Laswell's label Subharmonic.
Shortly following, she and a friend conceived a T-Bar at the mythic Save the
Robots, a late night learning session of hot Tang, herbal tea, bizarre
personalities, and weird musical revelations. It was here that Doomer first
heard Soulslinger, the Liquid Sky guru.
    The money from hot Tang profits immediately went into jungle record after
jungle record. Unable to deny the call of the Sky, Doomer began to work at
Liquid Sky Music. She was determined to learn everything about the industry
behind the music she loved. She wanted to slice through the layers behind the
decks, into the world of the disc jockey. She first began to showcase her
talents at the Liquid Sy parties, where she became a regular contender for
control of the turntables. Somehow the picture wasn't entirely complete. With
her two partners, Chicago and Steel, she set out to create a weekly jam that
would range from the darkest depths of drum 'n bass to the funk of old school
hip hop. This could allow her to develop and further diversify her sound.
She started her own party, Table Manners, in 1998. Here she was able to shape
a realm where her alter ego could fully thrive. The Doomer style flipped,
mutating into an amalgam of 80's influenced electro funk, Nu-Skool
breakbeats,and ass-smacking drum & bass. The foundation of the world where
she became super-heroine was now in place.
    To fully breath life into her new realm, Doomer had to produce her own
tracks.  She would combine hazy atmospherics, a sense of humor, and the
darker side of the spectrum to produce music which would bark as well as
bite. As within her own world, she began to take all the seemingly
missmatched elements and find a way to fuse the unlikely. 
She has shared her muse with various NY-based producers such as Lloop( of
WE) and DJ del Mar. To further serve her vision worldwide, Doomer started
Command Chaos with Gabriel Hunter of Dirty Design. This label is dedicated
to re-contextualizing the music of pop icons with unexpected tributes from
the most intelligent, forward thinking musicians of today. The first release
is a tribute to John Carpenter (Escape from New York, Halloween) with remixes
from DJ Olive (WE), Khan (Air Liquide), Tube (Liquid Sky Music) and Fast (Fun
Lovin' Criminals).
Doomer has already been featured in such reknowned publications as Urb,
New The York Times, the Village Voice, NY Time Out, Flyer Magazine, and
Eastern Edge. She continues to travel beyond the confines of the Tri-State
area to throw down sets in regions across Seattle, Washington DC, Boston,
Chicago, Philadelphia, Germany, Holland, The UK, and Switzerland.
Her sets and production make her Blade Runner-esque fantasy of the future
as tangible as the present. Doomer has become an adult cartoon that's
simultaneously crass and sophisticated, demonstrating the disposition of a

You can currently hear Doomer at her New York residencit weeklies: Direct
Drive (NYC's #1 weekly Drum & Bass party w/ UK Residents DJ Zinc & Hype of
the True Playa'z and Ganja Kru, DJ Stakka of Underfire Rec's, Notorious J of
Trouble on Vinyl and Profile of Black Market Records),Test Press, and Static
(a new experimental sonic soundfest featuring Skam artists and Clark Warner
of Minus Records / Richie Hawtin's label). You never know what she'll be
next but you most definitely don't want to miss her next set.

Doomer's played with the best...

UK drum & bass luminaries :
Dom & Roland, Ray Keith, Dazee, Rap, A-Sides, Suv, Storm, Grooverider, Adam
F, J Majik, Trace, Bryan Gee, Randall, Swift, SS, John B, Kenny Ken, John B,
Ed Rush, Optical, Fierce, Usual Suspects, Krust, Die, Roni Size, Pascal,
Zinc, Bad Company, Notorious J, Trace, SUV, Dr. S. Gachet, Cool Hand Flex,
Dara, Loxy.

Mc's: Rage, Dynamite, Fearless, Fats, Warren G, Foxy, RhymeTyme, and Mc Mc.

Electro / Breaks / 2 - Step / Techno luminaries :
I-F, Mark Broom, Andy Weatheral, Function, MJ Cole, Clarke Warner and Adult.