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(Tamara Conniff. Executive Editor, Billboard Magazine. New York July 2005)

DOOMFOXX is pure rock ‘n’ roll. DOOMFOXX is the real deal.

DOOMFOXX is the reptilian charm and whiskey-roached voice of Stuart McKie, the powerhouse guitar riffing of Mick Cocks and Dave Thomas, with the rock-solid driving engine room of bass Archi Read and drums Jase Burec.

DOOMFOXX is a balls ‘n’ all, take no prisoners, raw, dirty, sexy, truly one damn-straight, gritty, gut 'n’ soul, Aussie-bred, hard-rock band.

In the last 12 months DOOMFOXX have recorded their debut, self-titled album with noted producer Peter Blyton and taken big leaps forward on the international music scene. Especially in Europe, where in the latter half of 2005 the band toured three times: with Rose Tattoo in June – July, Quireboys in October and Uli Jon Roth in November, including a major highlight in early August appearing at the prestige WACKEN OPEN AIR hard-rock / metal festival in front of 40,000 people, after having been the first band in the history of WOA to play all stages on three different occasions; culminating in final night’s main stage amazing show.

Take a big blender; add some Black Crows, with a dash of Velvet Revolver. Mix-in a bottle of JD, throw in a handful of pills and top it all off with a lot of sleazy old-school Aussie rock’n’roll. This must be the recipe for the hottest new band debuting at WOA 2005. I’m talking about Doomfoxx. Sex, drugs, whiskey and Rock with a capital R. (Sabrina Boller October 2005)

In October 2005, the release of the band’s debut album on Armageddon Music / Soulfood/SONY, has been met with both critical and public acclaim.

"Doomfoxx have the rock album of the year. 12 out of 12. A timeless classic which again proves where the best rock 'n roll bands of the world are from.” (Jeurgen Tschamler – Heavy. October 2005)

“Emotional and energy loaded boogie hard rock from down under, it could not be more rough, dirty and earthy! Fans of AC/DC from Bon Scott times could not be happier.” (Herbert Waldherr ROCK & METAL HEAVEN October 2005)

Live, DOOMFOXX’s reputation has been growing rapidly with show after show receiving rave reviews as the band carves its way through the pubs and clubs of Europe.

The stage is dipped into a dark red light. Drum and bass start with a restraint and a grooving beat. A hoarse singing, like a whisper seduces. And then the stage explodes and the quiet animal becomes a wild beast, hurled at the public in the form of high energy kick ass Rock'n'Roll. The native Scottish singer Stuart McKie raves and roams over the stage and supplies the perfect voice for this mix from AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. Rock ‘n’ Roll like only Australian’s know how to do. (Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland, October 2005. Evilized. Germany)

In July of 2005, DOOMFOXX played two important showcases: in London at the Blow Up Metro and in New York at the Tap Bar in the Knitting Factory, presented by Tamara Conniff, Exec. Editor of Billboard Magazine.

"They are real, a real, real, rock 'n' roll band. 'Everyone asks me today where are the rock stars? Where is rock rock 'n' roll? '. Well all I can tell you is DOOMFOXX is the answer. This is a real rock band..." (Tamara Conniff. Exec. Editor Billboard Magazine. New York. July 2005)

The band continues its rock assault in Europe in 2006 touring with The Darkness in Germany in March and will continue its live campaign in Europe to support the album with more dates and tours to be announced.

In 2005 audiences in Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Belgium experienced DOOMFOXX live and on all occasions DOOMFOXX made an army of new friends and devotees wherever they played. The band is steadily building its profile in Europe and 2006 will be a big year as the band will also release the album in Australia and plans for a UK, North American release with touring are in the pipeline.

“…while some bands during their set at least give you one or two songs were you can sneak off to the toilet or grab a beer from the bar…Not DOOMFOXX. Make sure you take a piss first and have a beer in each hand, because with these guys, you won’t want to miss a note.” (Robyn Anson, DRUM Media. March 2005)

The blues rock ‘n’ roll influences of the band are there to be heard, with comparisons to AC / DC, Rose Tattoo and Guns & Roses prevalent, with the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith also evident, yet DOOMFOXX creates it’s own distinctive sound…”The music that Doomfoxx plays is high energy pounding music…The vibe of a band that has been missing in the music industry today. There really has not been a band that has been around since Guns n Roses that has a great trademark sound until Doomfoxx. ( Brian Rademacher (CEO) November 2005)

McKie and Burec served their ‘rock apprenticeship’ together in a young, inner-cit