A little Asian girl rocking the absolute hell out of some keyboards and machines and still finding time to sing along. It's dance because you'll dance alone in the bedroom to it; it's pop because that's what your brain does when you hear it. And it feels good.


After working the door and counting fives at some of the nation's least-talked about underground parties since her teen years, Doorgirl is the result of a life immersed in what was happening inside but just outside the music scene, swinging wildly between preparation and performance, day and night, elation and depression, lucidity and intoxication.

A compellling hybrid of dance, electronic and breakbeat culture with a pop sensibility and lyrical skill, Doorgirl plays all instruments for each of her songs, collaborating with herself to build songs that are catchy and understatedly clever with the right amount of geeky loner cool, tech-dorkery and truly inspired, earnest lyrics.


Pocket Size EP, 2004; self-released
Noise One LP, 2004; self-released
"Die On Your Birthday," 2004; self-released vinyl single

Set List

Sets run from 30 minutes to 1 hour, consisting of 10 to 15 songs.