Doorway 27

Doorway 27


Roots style alternative rock with groove injected urban rhythms.


In the spring of 1996 the hand of fate brought 4 individuals an event that would change their lives forever. The conception of Doorway 27 in June of 1996 created a much needed and well-deserved emotional outlet for these four young South Florida musicians. Angel Luis Lozada, a veteran drummer from area bands Spice and Green Eden, hails from Santurce Puerto Rico. Angels' Latin-jazz style is a prominent force in the structure of Doorway 27's writing. Chris Cartrett, lead guitars, and Bryan Wohlust, lead vocals & keyboards, from West Palm Beach's "Box" (91-93), lay down the melodies and harmonies of this unique quartet who have been compared to the likes of U2, 311, and Incubus to name just a few. The inevitable last ingredient belonged to the punch-crush sound of Max Fraser on bass, a long awaited newcomer completing the sound that has come to be known as Doorway 27.


Who I Am - DIY CD Release 1998

Sofa King Good - DIY CD Release 2000

Currently working on a new Demo to shop labels with, currently getting air play on Planet Radio 92.1 in West Palm Beach, FL.

Set List

We have over 35 original songs and play anywhere from 1 to 3 45 minute sets depending on depending on the venue and the $$$.

We pretty much shy away from playing covers but do throw a few of our favorites into our sets sometimes.

What Is And What Should Never Be (Led Zepplin)
Castles Made Of Sand (Hendrix)
Summertime Rolls (Jane's Addiction)
Dancing Nancies (Dave Matthews)