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100% pure Hip-Hop. Skilled MC's with something to say, over dope beats, and backed by DJ's.


What started out as a group of friends from from all regions of the country (Virginia, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, Milwaukee, South Carolina) Has since become the Crew that is DOPE SANDWICH. Repping Savannah, GA, the city that produced legendary talents like Big Boi and Camoflauge, the Dope Sandwich crew is composed of ill talents that span the spectrum of hip hop styles, from high-octane party beats and raw punchlines to jazz-infused, headnodding tracks with intelligent appeal. A collaboration of some of the city's sickest MCs, DJs and producers, Dope Sandwich is like the Wu-Tang Clan raised on comic books rather than crack sales

From the depths of the dirty south comes proof that true school hip hop doesn't care what's on the radio. Forget crunk music and trap stars, Dope Sandwich Productions is out to show that the Southern underground is really where the talent is.

- Patrick Rogers, Georgia Music Mag, 2007


Following the success of their debut compilation, The Walking Sick (2006), the Dope Sandwich crew is getting some for self, following the divide and conquer strategy, dropping a series of solo albums including Knife's 2000 Yard Stare, Blue Collar and Zone D's LP=EP2, Basik Lee's A Bunch of Crazy Shit,

and coming soon: The Union of Sacred Monsters: EP (July 25, 2009)
Knife: Black Male (Fall, 2009)
Blue Collar's Due Date (Winter, 2009)

Mixtapes are always available

Set List

The Dope Sandwich Set is comprised for no other reason than to "GET THE CROWD'S ATTENTION" From a hole in the wall to a packed venue, through the use of original songs and mastery Free Styling, DSP can rip through any length set, be it 25 minutes or an hour long set, all the while, keeping the crowd involved. The Typical Set includes:

-Puff Puff Pass
-Coming of Age
-Im Gone
-Pomp and Circumstance
-Dope Show
-Keep Smoking
------ There is a lot of good party tracks to choose from, these are just a few samples...
*Dope Sandwich MC's are all Skilled at freestyle rhyming, so improvisation is throughout.