Doppelbock & Christine Lauterburg

Doppelbock & Christine Lauterburg


Doppelbock create new sounds directly out of ancient Switzerland. Their old Yodels and dance tunes sound exotic and yet quite familiar. The brilliant yodeling of Christine Lauterburg is outstanding. Living urban Swiss Folkmusic. Tours all over Europe.


Since 1998 Doppelbock discover Swiss Folk music in a new light. Ten years of many different and diverse musical developments, with one everlasting consistant of altercation with musical tradition. The NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) calls them "one of the most important renovators of folk music" and they also write: "There's the rub with Swiss folk music. Purists conserve it with absolute seriousness, populists overmix it to a poppy mix of vaudeville and sing-sang. There seems to be close to no space in between these extremes for those musicians, who want to take tradition out of its closed valleys to vitalize it with today's modern life." Yet Doppelbock try exactly to do this with as much tact as the music deserves."


Wyt drüberuus, 2012, Narrenschiff-label, Nar 2012080
Voodoo Jodel, 2009, Narrenschiff-label, Nar 2009060
Obio!, 2006, Narrenschiff-label, Nar 2006024
Rund um de Buuchnabel, 2004, Narrenschiff-label,
Nar 2004005
Hudi- und anderi Gääggeler, 2001, Narrenschiff-label,
Nar 2001002

Under the Name "eCHo" with Christine Lauterburg, Corin Curschellas, Walter Lietha & Doppelbock
Schnitter, trad. Swiss folksongs about death, 2007
Narrenschiff-label, Nar 2007037
Pro Helvetia, 2004 Narrenschiff-label, Nar 2004004
S'här deheim en Vogel xunge, 2001 Narrenschiff-label,
Nar 2001001