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Dore Taylor


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Denver Daily News"

"Taylor has a wonderful sense of humor. Still, you can see that while he may not take himself too seriously, you get the impression that he takes his music quite seriously." - Denver Daily News


Walnut Room Live - EP
Before - EP



INDICATIONS: Homegrown singer/songwriter for use in treating aches, pains, irritability, boredom, and general ill feelings associated with the lousy music playing on your radio.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Attend a Dore Taylor live musical performance at a music venue. Slowly sip a local microbrew. Watch and listen as the Dore Taylor patented entertainment system acts to relieve pop music pressure on your ears and soul. Repeat often for best results.

WARNINGS: May cause uncontrolled clapping, cheering, humming, whistling, and singing loudly and out of key. Side effects are generally exuberant.

One of the less flattering compliments that Dore Taylor has ever received is, “Wow, I really like the girl’s voice on that track.” (It’s okay; he was singing harmony in falsetto.) Past the baby face and expressive voice is a collection of profoundly mature and sophisticated songwriting. With every play of Dore’s songs, you will unwrap a new nugget of chocolatey storytelling goodness. His lyrics make you reconsider the way you think about things, finding poignant beauty in even the simplest aspects of everyday life. His unusual talent as a guitar player expresses itself in completely uninhibited chord structure and inventive musical style.

Nearly as compelling as Dore’s melodic gifts is his uniquely mesmerizing on-stage presence, a.k.a. “the dancing.” His energetic performances keep you engrossed until the last harmonic fades away. Known for his tendency to break strings and ruin soundboard finishes, his voice and guitar playing are so full of life that you may find yourself struggling to stay seated. He has a way of silencing even the most drunk and disinterested bar crowds and turn their attention to the stage.

As Dore embarks upon his musical career, armed with a basement “recording studio” and homemade demo CDs, he is slowly implanting himself into the memories of everyone who hears him.