Dorian (hip-hop)

Dorian (hip-hop)

 Los Angeles, California, USA
SoloHip Hop

A Songwriter-Producer who speaks about his life story, relationships and the plight of the middle class.


This Indianapolis native has experienced more in the first third of his life than most will throughout their duration.  Born on an Air Force base in Abilene, TX, Dorian moved 7 times before he was 10 years old and 11 more times as an adult.  This well-travelled Producer/MC comes from a middle-class two-parent home, has two college degrees and at one time was a Division I college basketball coach.  Why hip-hop?
"In our culture, the only time we educate ourselves is when someone is speaking on the mic.  Music is the only time a speech is on repeat in today's world.", Dorian states.  His many life experiences combined with his ability to deduct emotion from other people's lives makes him a great storyteller with a social conscious.  Dorian is a self-taught producer (from YouTube videos) who released his debut project "The D.U.C.K. Tape" on 2/14/2015, exactly 365 days after he bought the production software. His second project, "Every Scar Has A Story" was distributed to digital retailers on 10/28/2015.

With his parents originating from Dayton, OH, Dorian had a heavy funk influence growing up.  "...when we lived in Japan, my dad was constantly playing Lakeside, the Ohio Players, Bootsy Collins.  Once the G-funk era came around, I felt like I had my own extension of funk."  Dorian's lyrical style is inspired by many G-funk artists such as Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.  Dorian cites Kanye West, Nas and Eminem as his favorite rappers with contemporaries J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar as those whose music he connects with the most.

Having chased the American dream through education and running the corporate rat race, Dorian brings a perspective to hip-hop that has never been heard before. Given the vulnerability he displays in his music it is clear that Dorian has one goal; to help people become the best version of themselves.


Written By: Dorian (rapper)

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The D.U.C.K. Tape
- Released: February 14, 2015
- Label: Self-released (Group82)
- Format: Digital Download
- Producer: Dorian (exec.), 

Every Scar Has A Story
- Released: October 28, 2015
- Label: Self-released (Group82)
- Format: Digital Download
- Producer: Dorian (exec.), Joey French (co-exec.)

Set List

1. Don't Sleep
2. Sunshine
3. Kardashian
4. No No
5. Don't Sleep