Dorian's End

Dorian's End


Dorian's End is an anomaly of introspective proportions. This is suspenseful rock music with a flair for the unexpected. Dorian´s End has been compared to the likes of alternative rock of the early 90´s, injected with a 70´s pyschedelia administered through the neck.


Dorian's End released it's debut album "The Farthest of Reaches" in 2003. Dorian´s End while maintaining an "alternative/rock" feel, definitely explores the dynamics, and tones of the musical spectrum that make it a completely unique act. Turning away from trends, and the current musical denominations, Dorian´s End preserves it´s musical integrity in hopes to bring back true musicianship to today´s music.
The future of music is uncertain, but in today´s monotony of regurgitated musical concepts, Dorian's End will be sure to have people rocking once again.


New Innocence

Written By: Michael Bonadio

I want to hold you one more time before i go
I want to tell you all the things i want you to know
Wish i could hear Jewels, all the songs you were meant to sing
I know it's simple, but i complicate everything.

And years go by from when i see you.
I know you can't see me, not this time.

I don't really know you, the child in me was running so fast.
I'll always protect you from the demons of your past.
Hope i can teach you to fly your dreams up through these skies.
So long i've known you, so long and goodbye.
I'll miss you all
No, i won't fall.

I know you can't see me, not this time.

And sometimes i wonder what your life is like.
The feeling of nothing in sight.
The knowing of all of the time that we missed.
The time that was taken and replaced with this.
I know the lies.

Your innocence a lie, my innocence a lie, our innocence a lie.


Oceans & Archways

Written By: Michael Bonadio

I don't know where i'm going, but everywhere i go i run into you.
Oceans & archways, the water flows through my mind and cleans me out, and makes me new again.

It's just a feeling, it's just a feeling in my head.

I don't know what i'm touching, it's rough enough to be your daggered smile.
And you will cut the light, the perfect light that forms your perfect face, you leave me hanging on.

It's just a feeling in my head.


Written By: Michael Bonadio

I know you, i know who you are.
You are everyone to me, you are nothing.
And the only reason i have to sleep.
I couldn't expect any more from you.

No no more untrue love.
Don't want it from you.
No no more, no more, no more.
Get out of my face, and watch it burn.

And you say you know me too well.
That's more than i guessed.
And to the house we'll never share...
i build it up, and burn it down.

We'll watch it fall, don't watch it fall.
Watch it fall, watch it fall, don't watch it.

Now i can't see, just what you mean.
And i can't see just what's your disease.
And i can't bring just what you need,
to bleed my name...tell me now.


"The Farthest of Reaches" Full Length LP (2003)
"In Sheep's Clothing" Score for a Play (2006)
"New Innocence" Music Video (2006)

Set List

"Oceans & Archways", "Don't Look Back" (not yet released), "Ascender", "Julia" (not yet released), "Jupiter's Muse" (not yet released), "New Innocence", "Can't Forget", "Lull for the fates" (not yet released), "The Keeper", "Intentions".