Dorian V. Cole

Dorian V. Cole


Diverse soundtrack with sounds ranging from alternative rock to electronica. Though influences can be identified, the central push is for unique music that fits the film. That being said, these songs stand on their own and work well live.


I am a solo artist currently working on soundtracks/ scores for independent films. I have been in and out of bands for years and I will continue to perform live and contribute to other artists. This project was produced in Baltimore, MD in 2004 and was independently released. All songs are copywrighted and published through Dorian V. Cole, ASCAP.



Written By: Dorian V. Cole

Negativity crawls while love soars

Ancient disease has no modern cure

Repetition of concepts, rhymes bore

What began a drip turned downpour

Repeating sounds falling down

Why were you never around

Repeated cries, endless lies

Did you even say goodbye

We live in black and white, we dream in color

Do we fall for the symphony, hymn, or

Do we fall for the love songs lull

Too happy to be real or true at all

The river runs, the river breaks

Our vision blurs, our hope it takes

You gave us the door, why change the lock

Does the devil flee those who mock


Limits to Ambition: Original Music for the Motion Picture

This soundtrack is available through,,, MSN MusicMatch & iTunes.