We're real, grown-up women making real, beautiful, grown-up music. Thought-provoking lyrics and intricate, weaving harmonies lie at the heart of what Doris does best. We also like to throw a little humour into the mix and have songs about George Bush (bless him), chocolate and PMT. Come listen ;)


What's our genre? Tricky, because being independent musicians, we get to play all sorts.
We're a combination of musical integrity, great songwriting (even if we do say so ourselves) and world-class harmonies. Think Indigo Girls meets Joni Mitchell, Dixie Chicks meets Leonard Cohen.
What Doris lives for musically is harmony; the blending of two female voices into one heavenly sound. We've been playing together for five years and consider our musical relationship to be a very important part of our lives.
We're strongly committed to not just our music but to empowering others. We regularly teach songwriting and creative writing at festivals and other events.
We've performed widely at festivals in Australia and overseas. Jane also did a season at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Doris has three CDS currently available.
On the Line: The first proper Doris CD, released in 05. Some serious stuff and quite a few funnies.
Whisper the Moon: Released in 06, the next step in the evolution of Doris: A few more serious ones, a few funnies.
Different: Our proudest musical achievement thus far. Released in early 08, a definite move forward in terms of complexity and production time.

Set List

We like to take our audience on an emotional journey; to make them laugh, cry and feel with us.

Hence, a typical 45 minute bracket would include:
Take my to your country
Going down
Mean woman blues
The yodelling song (this is the only non-Doris song the women perform. It was written by Joy McKean.)